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Ultsinska Riviera

One of the three Montenegrin Riviera, Ultsinskaya may be the perfect holiday destination for the most discerning traveler. For this area is characterized by a steady solar weather - 217 days of sunshine a year (the season lasts from April to November, that is more than six months) and clean water of the Adriatic Sea. Separately, it must be said about the beaches Ultsinskoy Riviera. They are famous for their basaltic sand. He has a specific gray color, and not only for recreation, but also useful for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, as it contains a range of minerals, iodine, calcium salts and various carbonates. Riviera Centre is the city of Ulcinj, the southernmost, almost on the border with Albania, Montenegro city.

Major local resorts - actually Ulcinj beach and Ada Bojana.


In this region, the most popular are two beaches, quite different in nature, but are equally comfortable. Firstly, this great beach stretching for 13 (and in the opinion of many - as many as 24) kilometers. It is the longest beach in Montenegro, along it housed numerous hotels.

Secondly, it is a city small beach, surrounded by an amphitheater is located the city of Ulcinj. On the Small beach year-round full of life, here it is concentrated the bulk of the local cafes, restaurants, shops and discos.

In addition to Ultsinskoy Riviera is one of the most popular nudist beaches in old Europe.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions

The city of Ulcinj, by the way, is not only famous beach. Like many other cities of Montenegro, he has a long history and has always been a coveted prey for invaders. As in almost all towns of Montenegro, in the oldest part of Ulcinj there is, in fact - the castle, which sits on a cliff inaccessible. Since the end of the 16th century, three centuries the city fell under the Turkish rule, since there remain many buildings characteristic architecture and numerous mosques.

On the whole coast is known for exotic bazaar in this city, come here specifically not only tourists, to enjoy the oriental flair and buy local products, but also locals.

Like all cities of Montenegro, Ulcinj can become a center of rich excursion program: Shatsky Lakes, Balsica palaces, the ancient town of Bar - this is an incomplete list of excursions available from this city.

Where to stay: at one of the resorts of the Riviera Ultsinskoy. For example, in the rich sights on Ulcinj, which is also like a good wind for kitesurfers. Or on the progressive and cheerful island Ada Bojana - a nudist resort of all stripes. Where to go: in Lovcen National Park to climb to dizzying mountain, to the tomb of Peter Njegos and honor the memory of the last of the spiritual ruler of the country; to abound with fish of all varieties of Skadar Lake or the ancient capital of Montenegro, Cetinje. In addition, it is necessary to visit the ancient fortress of Kotor and enjoy views of the Bay of Kotor, sing "talk though you're with me, Guitar seven-string ..." at the monument to Vysotsky in Podgorica and, closing his eyes on the height and steepness of trails, quietly whispering a prayer, climb to the monastery - rock monastery Ostrog. As a "foreign country" in Montenegro are very popular trip to the Italian Venice, the city of St. Nicholas of Bari and neighboring Croatia, Dubrovnik. You may also be interested in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia. The most popular towns and resorts of the country: Bar, Budva, Kotor, Podgorica, Petrovac.