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Sutomore ( "land and sea") - spa town between Bar and Petrovac (about 5 km), famous for its wonderful sandy beaches with length of over 2.5 km. These famous beaches are protected from the winds from the mainland cypresses and pines. In addition, near the town of Sutomore nestled cozy Chan, pebble beach, which is among the best in Montenegro.

For those who believe that the rest must be both high quality and low-cost, small town Sutomore fits perfectly.

How to get to Sutomore

It passes through the city railway linking the capital of Serbia - Belgrade and Bar. In addition, here love to spend weekends residents Podgorica - thanks to the resort's proximity to the capital. Just half an hour by train or car separates them from each other.

Beaches Sutomore

First of all, Sutomore is famous for its sandy beaches, the length of which is, in total, about 2.5 km. The beach is clean and well maintained, there are many opportunities for swimming and diving, as well as the traditional beach activities such as catamarans, parachutes, "bananas". Widely known for a small (about 800 m) the sandy beach in Sutomore. As in many areas of Montenegro, the sand here (because of its mineral composition) has healing properties: it brings relief to patients with rheumatism. It is for this reason that the beach has long been chosen by rich Venetians, suffering from rheumatic pains due to stay in a beautiful, but such crude Venice.

Hotels, shops and restaurants

In close proximity to the beaches in Sutomore opened more than 50 restaurants and cafes, six hotels and numerous private villas. Here we are located and shops where you can buy not only all that is necessary, but also souvenirs. Sutomore Hotels also focused on travelers who are likely to choose a budget vacation. The level of hotels and villas corresponds to approximately 3 * on the international classification. This does not mean that in Sutomore not find affordable housing. Simply, it is devoid of luxury raid, as so often happens in beach hotels in other countries.

It is worth to add that the main part of the resort area on the bathing season (from 1 June to 15 September) is fully given to pedestrians, vehicular traffic is forbidden in it. It has long been working in the morning in the town fish market, a variety of seafood offered on it, so large that more difficult to imagine.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions Sutomore

Surroundings Sutomore and coastline abound with quiet lagoons and coves, forests and picturesque rocks - these places are suitable for walking as well as possible. It turns out that the organization of a beach holiday in this area requires little or no additional cost, the need to pay only the way to the recreational facilities, food and accommodation. But the inquisitive tourists are usually motivated by a desire not only to soak up the beach and walk along the forest and mountain paths, but also to see those cities around which the selected place to relax.

From this point of view, Sutomore a very interesting place. The city founded in the Middle Ages, when the narrow winding streets, cobblestone, and the houses of hewn stone were common. So echo is still remains of the old walls with modern buildings. In the 12th century Church of St. Thecla dvuhaltarnaya (Crkva Sv Tekla.) It was built in the eastern part of the town: the two faiths can live together under the roof of the dome. But on the opposite end of the resort, on the west side, preserved Turkish fortress Haj-Nehaj (High-Nehaj, translated as "fear - do not be afraid"). And on a small peninsula Ratach, between Bar and Sutomore, you can see the ruins of the Benedictine monastery of Saint Mary (11th century).


The geographical location of this resort is that to get to anywhere in the country without any problems. For example, here is available for excursion to the world famous Lake Skadar. The nearest town of Bar Sutomore and Petrovac is quite rich in attractions: here and a hodgepodge of Roman-Gothic and Ottoman motifs Bar and unique Roman mosaics in Petrovac, which confirm that the city was founded in the 3rd century AD. I should add that passes through Sutomore railway line from Belgrade to Bar, which gives a great opportunity to expand the space of a tour and see the other towns of Montenegro, no travel costs or time consuming, not a lot of money.

It is well known hospitality and warmth of local residents. For many years, the tiny Montenegrin town Sutomore attracts thousands of visitors, which is the desire to combine a beach vacation with sightseeing on land. Their choice is easily explained, because "Sutomore" means "land and sea" that fully reflects the essence of recreation in the area.

Where to stay: in the ancient and rich on Bar sights, picturesque Petrovac or Sutomore, where there is the best sandy beach of the country. Where to go: in Lovcen National Park to climb to dizzying mountain, to the tomb of Peter Njegos and honor the memory of the last of the spiritual ruler of the country; to abound with fish of all varieties of Skadar Lake or the ancient capital of Montenegro, Cetinje. In addition, it is necessary to visit the ancient fortress of Kotor and enjoy views of the Bay of Kotor, sing "talk though you're with me, Guitar seven-string ..." at the monument to Vysotsky in Podgorica and, closing his eyes on the height and steepness of trails, quietly whispering a prayer, climb to the monastery - rock monastery Ostrog. As a "foreign country" in Montenegro are very popular trip to the Italian Venice, the city of St. Nicholas of Bari and neighboring Croatia, Dubrovnik. You may also be interested in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia. See also: What accounts for the negative reviews on many popular hotels on various websites. The most popular towns and resorts of the country: Bar, Budva, Kotor, Podgorica, Petrovac.