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Skadar Lake

In 1983, a new national park in Montenegro appeared - a huge freshwater Lake Skadar (Skadarsko jezero), part of which is located on the territory of Albania (Shkodra and is called). This majestic body of water is very beautiful, rich in fish and inhabited by a huge number of birds. On its shores lie the charming old towns, and on the islands are the church and the ruins of castles. All this invariably attracts the attention of tourists every opportunity to witness the beauty of this ancient and beautiful lake.

More often than not sent here from any resort town, to change the situation and get more impressions from the rest. Daily tours of the lake is incredibly popular, and go to them, you can literally from every corner of the country.

How to get to Lake Skadar

Comfortable bus with a guide drove the visitors to the place, and returns back to the end of the day, after all kinds of entertainment and dinner. Depending on the distance to the lake from the starting point of travel, this trip will cost between $ 35 to 60 EUR.

Prices are listed on the page May 2016

Some tourists prefer independent travel on the lake, such as a car. On it you can get to the lake even from Croatia, the road from Dubrovnik take only 2.5 hours. If you take the car in Montenegro, the cheapest options will cost between EUR 30 per day. The advantages of this option are obvious, but the inexperienced driver is a sober assessment of their strength: many local roads are narrow serpentine. (What is easy to see, if you go through Rumiyu ridge in the direction of Vladimir. Therefore, if possible, choose the way through the tunnel, but not through the pass. The tunnel is paid, but the price is low, up to 5 EUR.) An alternative could be a taxi, it will cost more , but you do not have to waste effort on the machine control or adjust to the schedule the rest of the group.

Driven into the navigator Virpazar (Virpazar) - this is where start all the excursions on the lake, and here are the most delicious fish restaurants.

lake Skadar

Public transport in the area of ​​Skadar lake goes, shall we say, selectively, not all coastal towns and villages, but only in Virpazar (Virpazar). In this port city on Lake Skadar can come not only from the bus Montenegrin cities (for example, from Budva and Podgorica), but also by train. And the railway line in the direction of Bar (Bar), passing through Podgorica (Podgorica) and Virpazar begins in Serbian Belgrade. The road there takes 9-10 hours and will cost the traveler in the 35-50 EUR depending on the car class. But from Podgorica Virpazar to go fast and cheap, only 50 minutes and 2-4 EUR you get to the station. From there begins an acquaintance with the national park entrance on the territory of which will have to pay more 10-15 EUR.

Shopping & Stores

In Virpazar and all other settlements, located on the shores of Lake Skadar, selling all sorts of souvenirs galore. And among them will be as traditional magnets, mugs, t-shirt with views of the lake and a picturesque Montenegrin gizmos. This is all kinds of knitwear, wooden decorations, including the Christian symbols that make the surrounding monasteries. And there is a remarkable wine shop more on the shores of Lake Skadar. He gives the impression of not only low prices for their products, but also a spectacular design: shop carved into the rock.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions of Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar, the largest in the Balkans, is itself one of the main attractions of Montenegro and Albania. However, from year to year across tourists who are dissatisfied by what he saw. Perhaps this is due to the fact that many expect to see a real mountain lake, lying at a height and surrounded by cliffs. In fact, the body of water is only 5 meters above sea level, and the mountains around it are low, though picturesque. In addition, banks have very much Virpazar swamped and impress only an abundance of vegetation.

To see the Skadar Lake in all its glory you must go on a boat trip. Flotation device, you can choose to your taste: boats and boats from 40-70 EUR per hour, kayaks, boats - for every taste and budget. Regarding the prices for boats and motor vesёlnye, you can bargain. The main thing is not to overdo it, it's still not the eastern countries is 3-4 times the price is not reduced. On the lake scattered islands, some of them towering ancient churches and monasteries in force (Vranino, Starcevo, Beska, Moracnik and others). Optionally, you can land on them, and listen to stories about the monks of these places, so that the ride will be more and informative.

The hosts sudёnyshek bring to clean beaches and cozy coastal restaurants. Mostly they serve local wines and dishes of fish caught immediately. For a certain amount you yourself can try your luck at fishing, but do not try to do it yourself: in Montenegro on the fishing license is needed. From free entertainment can be identified bathing and bird watching, which is now more commonly called a fashionable word berdvotching. For bird watchers and fans of wildlife here is a paradise ducks, herons, gulls, taken a liking to the whole island, pelicans and many other species of birds. A coastal shallows is literally buried in thickets of water lilies and yellow water lilies, making the scenery of Lake Skadar even more romantic.

Where to stay: in one of the resort of Budva, Ultsinskoy or Gertsegnovskoy Riviera. Where to go: in Lovcen National Park to climb to dizzying mountain, to the tomb of Peter Njegos and honor the memory of the last of the spiritual ruler of the country; to abound with fish of all varieties of Skadar Lake or the ancient capital of Montenegro, Cetinje. In addition, it is necessary to visit the ancient fortress of Kotor and enjoy views of the Bay of Kotor, sing "talk though you're with me, Guitar seven-string ..." at the monument to Vysotsky in Podgorica and, closing his eyes on the height and steepness of trails, quietly whispering a prayer, climb to the monastery - rock monastery Ostrog. You may also be interested in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia. See also: Where to go for a vacation in February. The most popular towns and resorts of the country: Bar, Budva, Kotor, Podgorica, Petrovac.