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Rivieres Gertsegnovskaya

One of the three donated Montenegro universe Rivieres Gertsegnovskaya, located on the northern Adriatic coast, in the bay of Kotor, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The sun shines here as many as 317 days a year, there are beaches for all tastes - pebble or sand, and in the vicinity there are a lot of mineral springs and curative mud deposits - for every kind of health promotion.

The main resorts - Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat, Perast and Risan.


Beaches on the Riviera Gertsegnovskoy small but diverse: from nature - only pebble, artificial well - fine imported sand or concrete beach platform.

Treatment and Spa

Of particular interest is Igalo, a suburb of Herceg Novi. The town is famous for its mineral springs and curative mud, the properties of which use numerous spas, clinics and health institutions located here. Institute "Igalo" has been recognized worldwide as a spa treatment facility. Numerous (over 400 people), highly qualified staff of the medical center uses the latest techniques in practice, the use of precious natural resources for the treatment and recovery of the body. The best beach is considered to be in Igalo Zhanits. You can reach it in about 20 minutes by boat.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions

The administrative center of the region, the city of Herceg Novi, was founded in 1382 and during his long and troubled life belonged successively to the Venetians, Turks, Spaniards, Frenchmen. Everyone wanted to own this tidbit. All of them added their own touches to the overall portrait of the city, influenced his architectural appearance. Today in the city are of interest three fortresses, remaining with the past, the historical part of the city and a botanical garden with many rare and relict trees. Important centers of resort life is, of course, the promenade. In Herceg Novi, it stretches for several kilometers, and all of the many cafes, bars, restaurants and shops located on it will meet tourists welcome. Funny trains, busily scurrying along the embankment, causing the joy not only for children but also in adults tourists.

Perast, Risan, Teuta - sparsely populated villages Gertsegnovskoy Riviera. As they can no longer be suitable for a quiet, secluded vacation. Despite their remoteness from the bustling resort life, towns are able to provide the service is the infrastructure and all the components of a good rest.

To get to the Riviera Gertsegnovskoy most convenient from Tivat International Airport, which takes in the tourist season a lot of charter flights from around the world.

Where to stay: at one of the resorts of the Riviera Gertsegnovskoy. For example, in an old and rich in attractions Kotor, Perast tiny, picturesque Risan or modern and cheerful Tivat. Families with children and for those who wish to correct health, enjoy in the "botanical garden in Montenegro" - the resort of Herceg Novi and Igalo appendage, which is famous throughout Europe for its Institute of resort-spa treatment. Where to go: in Lovcen National Park to climb to dizzying mountain, to the tomb of Peter Njegos and honor the memory of the last of the spiritual ruler of the country; to abound with fish of all varieties of Skadar Lake or the ancient capital of Montenegro, Cetinje. In addition, it is necessary to visit the ancient fortress of Kotor and enjoy views of the Bay of Kotor, sing "talk though you're with me, Guitar seven-string ..." at the monument to Vysotsky in Podgorica and, closing his eyes on the height and steepness of trails, quietly whispering a prayer, climb to the monastery - rock monastery Ostrog. As a "foreign country" in Montenegro are very popular trip to the Italian Venice, the city of St. Nicholas of Bari and neighboring Croatia, Dubrovnik. You may also be interested in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia. The most popular towns and resorts of the country: Bar, Budva, Kotor, Podgorica, Petrovac.