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Rest in Risan may be one of the most pleasant moments of life. Local folklore says that a man is born to do nothing. The general atmosphere of life in this city is fully confirms this thesis. Calmness, serenity, tranquility and friendliness of the local people has a positive, almost therapeutic effect on tourists. Even if the city did not have other advantages, it is still worth it to come.

A little history

Risan is located a few kilometers from Perast, its history begins in the 3rd century BC - then it was a fortified city, the capital of the Illyrian Queen Teuta. The Queen, unable to resist the invaders, rushed from the cliff into the sea.

Tradition says that before that she cursed Risan, saying that there never will own the port - this is a purely feminine curse. Port, by the way, and no ...

By the beginning of our era, the Romans conquered the city. However, these events is written in detail in the book of history. Personally the only evidence of the events you can see those distant years - five Roman mosaics. This is perhaps the oldest city landmark. Risan later passed into the hands of the Ottoman conquerors in the hands of the Venetians, experienced a brief French rule and Austrian rule. As usual, the new and the next rulers left their mark on the history and appearance of the city. But up to now very old and picturesque attractions are not preserved.

Today in Risan has just over 2,000 people - a tiny town. But the neighborhood it differently, as can not be called wonderful. Transparent, not poisoned by industrial air emissions, imbued with scents of pine and cypress forests, pristine waters of the Adriatic Sea, a riot of diverse plants, mild subtropical climate - all this has an impact on the health of those who decided to rest in Risan.

Very convenient that the city has its own point of tourist (and not only) information. Here any visitor with information on where to stay, how to find the way, where to eat exactly what he likes, where to go for a walk, to get to the hotel.

Hotels and apartments Risan

In the city the hotel is only one (although it is possible to rent a villa or apartment), but close to, in Perast, Kotor and the surrounding towns are many hotels for any, even the most demanding taste. Many of them are just a few meters from the edge of the sea.

Restaurants and shops

Across Risan scattered restaurants with delicious food, prepared with local ingredients. Service is friendly and welcoming, no formalism. Also quite a few grocery stores, distributors in most products that live nearby.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions Risan

Despite a rich history, the city can not boast a large number of attractions. Marble Castle - the most famous building in the city, but it is a modern building, though constructed in accordance with the architectural traditions of the region in the antique style. Castle is practically at the beach, proximity to the sea makes it even more visually appealing. The interiors of the castle are made using the expensive blue marble and decorative panels, openwork grilles, spectacular lighting. For those wishing to stay on holiday in a castle is equipped with eight rooms, all equipped with modern appliances, comfortable furniture and a magnificent observation platforms from which you can admire the panorama of the sea or the surrounding area. The ground floor of the castle is reserved for guests parking car, so there is a reason to include rice in the route of road travel in Montenegro.

Amusement and Roman patios - a set of 8 beautiful buildings on the shore of the Bay of Kotor, one of the most beautiful in the world. The complex is put together ancient architectural traditions and modern conveniences. BUT, if we talk about comfort, not to mention the ruins of a Roman villa in the territory of the city. The image of the god Hypnos on the mosaic floor, the remains of murals on the walls, rooms layout - everything suggests that the villa rest and sleep at the forefront.

Despite its size, Risan simply abounds discos, night clubs and discos, a lively buzz of the crowd is not resting stops here around the clock.

Where to stay: at one of the resorts of the Riviera Gertsegnovskoy. For example, in an old and rich in attractions Kotor, Perast tiny, picturesque Risan or modern and cheerful Tivat. Families with children and for those who wish to correct health, enjoy in the "botanical garden in Montenegro" - the resort of Herceg Novi and Igalo appendage, which is famous throughout Europe for its Institute of resort-spa treatment. Where to go: in Lovcen National Park to climb to dizzying mountain, to the tomb of Peter Njegos and honor the memory of the last of the spiritual ruler of the country; to abound with fish of all varieties of Skadar Lake or the ancient capital of Montenegro, Cetinje. In addition, it is necessary to visit the ancient fortress of Kotor and enjoy views of the Bay of Kotor, sing "talk though you're with me, Guitar seven-string ..." at the monument to Vysotsky in Podgorica and, closing his eyes on the height and steepness of trails, quietly whispering a prayer, climb to the monastery - rock monastery Ostrog. As a "foreign country" in Montenegro are very popular trip to the Italian Venice, the city of St. Nicholas of Bari and neighboring Croatia, Dubrovnik. You may also be interested in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia. See also: Montenegro, the weather in October. The most popular towns and resorts of the country: Bar, Budva, Kotor, Podgorica, Petrovac.