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Located between the coast and the Troodos mountains in the south-western tip of Cyprus, Paphos is known primarily as the birthplace of Aphrodite. There is even emphasized the place where the goddess supposedly came from the foam. Although compared to other attractions of the resort - Kamenyuki rest. Royal tombs, mosaics at the Villa of Theseus, the catacombs of St. Solomonia ... the ancient city of Paphos by chance was taken under the protection of UNESCO, the first ever in Cyprus in 1980

And, of course, Limassol lives up to its name: it is the most elite resort on the island, where the rest mostly wealthy people. The resort is not focused on children's rest, there is not a children's animation programs, no playgrounds, but cozy coves and secluded beaches, first-class restaurants, and other components of the infrastructure "beautiful life" is more than enough for the whole of Crete.

A little history

In addition to the development of tourism infrastructure, the city attracts tourists from all over the world for its cultural heritage, since its history goes back more than 5 thousand. Years. It was founded by one of the generals who participated in the Trojan battles Agapenor. Here it was erected a temple in honor of the goddess of love, which attracted people from different cities, which in turn contributed to the increase in the value of Paphos and increased its power. Later, a different city governor - Nikokles decided to change the location of the city, placing it closer to the coastline; so there was division in the new and the old town, which today connects Prospect St. Paul. Then the town took possession of the Romans, who not only did not reduce its value, but also able to enrich it. In the days of the Byzantine Empire Paphos loses the title of the capital, and begins to lead a more modest life.

During this period, the city experienced a time of prosperity and decline, differently named, but has never lost its charm and grandeur.

Getting there

Paphos has its own airport, receiving charter flights and "regular season" from all over the world, but here in Russia fly less than, say to Larnaca. In particular, direct regular flights from Moscow S7 performs in flight about 4 hours (ticket price starts from 200 EUR to one side, although it depends on the season, the fact is that there is always more expensive to fly to Paphos). Prices are listed on the page March 2016

To get from the airport to the city center on the city bus number 612 (to the tourist zone with hotels) and number 613 (the historic center). Fare - 1,5 EUR. Taxis to the hotel cost around 25-30 EUR.

More often tourists arrive at Larnaca airport and get to Paphos three ways. On the tour group transfer - the fastest and most convenient. By taxi - the most expensive (110 EUR). Or by public transport - the budget and tedious. In the latter case it is necessary to first get on the bus to Limassol (approximately EUR 10 and 50 minutes), followed by the final stop AG. Georgios seats on the bus to Paphos (EUR 5 and another hour's journey). Buses arrive in Old Paphos, from there - either on foot or by bus (plus 1,5 EUR), or a taxi (5-20 EUR).


Modern Paphos is divided into two parts: the upper is located on a hill, and is sort of a commercial center of the city, the market and the administration; and at the bottom, Kato Paphos, are the main archaeological sites, most of the hotels and taverns.

In recent years, local authorities have taken great efforts to make Kato Paphos, where a few kilometers of coastline are concentrated hotels, bars and restaurants, even more attractive. In particular, it built a new promenade that leads to the marina and all with fantastic views.


In Paphos you can easily navigate on foot, bike or bus. The last shuttle quite often in the summer - every 10-20 minutes.

The most popular routes are: number 615 from the port to the beach "Coral Bay" and the Tombs of the Kings, number 610 on the Kato Paphos to the city center and the market, and number 631 - to the very rock of Aphrodite. All routes can be found on the official website of the carrier.

Fare - 1,5 EUR, the daily travel card - 5 EUR (valid until 23:00), a ticket for the night bus - 2.5 EUR (from 23:00 to 6:00). The travel for a week (only on daytime flights) - 15 EUR. All tickets purchased from the driver when boarding.

Taxis are expensive in Cyprus: a trip through the city center can cost anywhere from 5 to 20 EUR. Countryside taxi better not to go - very expensive.

Bright red double-decker tourist buses, the familiar for many tourists, famously rolled out and Paphos. The route goes along all the main attractions of the resort, on the road an audio guide in English is broadcast on all beauty (a brief summary is given in Russian). Coming and going, you can throughout the day as many times as to any of the 11 stops along the way. Ticket price for 24 hours: 12,5 EUR, children - of 5 EUR.

The car in Paphos is not too necessary, considering that on all important routes and popular beaches are constantly buses. But if you want to explore the area more profitable and more convenient will still rent a car. Terms of the standard, cost of hire - from 30 EUR per night, depending on the class of car and the rental duration, the only important thing - Cyprus drive on the left. Rental firms are found throughout the resort, both local (eg, Pentaras), and international networks - Avis and Sixt.

No problems with parking: Free parking can be found near some shops or restaurants (for visitors), or leave your car in one of the paid parking.

Paphos Beaches

In Paphos, sandy and rocky beaches, the entrance to the sea - not always convenient and is often complicated by the rocky shore. At the same time the hotels are located, so that sometimes "treshka" has a nice entrance to the sea, and the hotel is 5 * - very mediocre. This is due to the fact that the resort was originally guided by the Germans and the British, who traditionally prefer the sea pool.

The best sandy beach is in the bay of Coral Bay, and on the shores of the secluded Gulf Lara stretches one of the most beautiful beaches on the island with a reserve of marine green turtles.

Charming Paphos

What to bring

Paphos Souvenirs standard for the whole of Cyprus. Edible - wine, olives, butter, dessert wine "Commandaria" goat cheese "halloumi", Turkish delight and halva. On a long memory - and silver lace handmade ship models, dolls in national costumes, leather, fur coats, yuvelirka. Perhaps the only statue of Aphrodite, with diligence sold all over the island, it is in Paphos it can be called the most authentic - after all, from the sea foam she went anywhere except here.

Buy Cypriot delicacies is better not to store (expensive and often not so good), and a small fruit market, bordering the covered bazaar of Paphos. Here, by the way, sold fruits and berries from local farmers coming from neighboring villages from the early morning until about an hour to two days. The rest of the souvenirs, as well as brand-name shopping can be found at Pafou Chrysanthou or Kings Avenue Mall shopping center shopping street.

Cuisine and restaurants of Paphos

The resort has a lot of catering establishments - from the ubiquitous network and to authentic and true Cyprus. Of course, not without the Italian pizzas and kebabs, falafel Middle East. Looking for something special should go a little distance from the coastline - in the villages surrounding Paphos. Here in medieval tavern has a cozy rural atmosphere, and the dishes are not as refined as the coast, but it is very tasty and very large (you can take two, do not regret it). Cost of a dinner of three courses with house wine - 25-35 EUR. Upscale restaurants Paphos, where the resort is also missing, taking the order of magnitude greater: for a sumptuous dinner will have to leave at least 110 EUR.

The tourist cafe cup of strong local coffee and a glass of water - from 2-2,5 EUR, popular frappe - 2 EUR. If you delve into Old Pafos, and to find an institution where the lazy being transferred to local dons, polistyvaya newspaper, probably half the price tag will be lower.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions of Paphos

During the archaeological excavations in the old town a great number of unique mosaics have been discovered that were created long before the Christian era, and not only decorated temples and houses of wealthy citizens of ancient Paphos. Now the city has a museum, where the best leaf mosaic. In addition to these mosaics is to go look for another one, decorating the ancient temple of the god of wine and revelry of Dionysus.

There is also an ancient theater "Odeon", where there is still satisfied with various performances and concerts, allows you to experience the unique atmosphere that prevailed thousands of years ago in ancient Greek theater.

Another great old building, located in the city - the ruins of an ancient castle, the greatness of which can be seen from the surviving 40 columns. And one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations is considered to be complex "royal tombs", located directly in the rock, in the underground necropolis. However, buried here is not blue-blooded person, just every tombstone looks like a work of art.

In Paphos and many Christian shrines, because even the Apostle Paul preached in these lands. In the surrounding areas there are well-preserved and is now active monasteries.

Practically all the monuments of antiquity Paphos (Tombs of the Kings, the Catacombs of St. Solomon, Mosaic House of Dionysus, the column of the Apostle Paul and many others) are included in the UNESCO list of world cultural values ​​and are under protection.

In honor of Aphrodite is built many religious buildings, and visit her bath is committed to every guest of the city.

It is worth visiting Reserve "Akamas" fishing village Laci and Ayios Neophytos monasteries (St. Neophytos the Recluse) and Panagia-Hrizoroyatissa (Our Lady of the Holy Grenade).

Not far from Paphos is Baths of Aphrodite, where, as we are assured local experts in mythology, the goddess of love and beauty, came ashore from the sea foam. Unfortunately, it is visually remarkable little fragment of the coast, to the same little littered.

In honor of the goddess here was built a lot of places of worship and to visit her bath is committed to every guest of the city. After all, if you believe the legend, all who plunge into local waters, and to maintain youthful good looks for many years.

Apart from a beach holiday and various excursion program Paphos is famous for its wildlife. In the middle of the city has grown pine forests, healthy air is for many centuries in a row helps to get rid of diseases, and prolongs the life of everyone who walks on it. On the outskirts of town is a picturesque park, where hundreds of species of birds live, and some exotic animals. In addition to being a park alley surrounded by greenery, its inhabitants are happy to arrange all kinds of views for its guests.

5 things you should do in Paphos Look in the neighboring village of Yeroskipou and buy the most delicious in the world of delight (at least so say its creator - Cypriot grandmother). At least once to dance a morning at one of the schools in the Bar Street. Find in a colorful mosaic in the Villa of Theseus and savior clever Ariadne. To feel the very crow, which choked in my craw in the water park "Aphrodite". But not from the cheese, but on a thrilling roller coaster called "free fall." Of course, have a swim around the rock of Aphrodite - to rejuvenate, to fall in love, prettier and never part with their favorite (right, as they say, underline).

Paphos for children

Despite the fact that the resort of Paphos is considered grown-up (most of the hotels, but not all !, not tuned for reception children), here is what to do family tourists.

First, wander through the romantic ruins of the ancient Agora, try to imagine how the house looked like a century ago, Theseus, and remember at least a piece of the boy's favorite epic "The Odyssey." Secondly, the jerk in the local water park. It is said to ride on each hill "Aphrodite" you need at least one day. Third, look at the Paphos Aquarium, where 72 tanks clearly flit tropical and Mediterranean fish. Finally, it is worth visiting and Bird Park - the noisy, motley and colorful place at the resort. Pink flamingos, owls frowning, charming nosed toucans, cranes, graceful ibis, parrots alone there more than 63 kinds! The latter, incidentally, arrange in a small amphitheater real show: chase on typewriters, dancing, playing basketball. Tired of living creatures the birds, you can go into a small turtle farm, which is located in Paphos.

Weather forecast

Climate Paphos - typically Mediterranean - with dry summers and high rainfall during the period from mid-November to March. But from late June to early September is getting hot here and the park (tangible humidity reaches 90%, while the thermometer stubbornly gets the mark of +30 ° C). But in the rest of the year the weather is mild and comfortable, as incessant rains for atypical resort.

The winter is very mild, the snow falls no more frequently than once every 10 years, is melting rapidly and quickly. Therefore, many restaurants and hotels in the resort are not closed with the onset of "cold", but rather include heating swimming pools and outdoor tables, and then entice guests some good discounts.

Paphos Hotels

The luxurious Paphos boasts the highest concentration of luxury hotels per square kilometer in the whole Cyprus. Indeed, the local hotel for the most part "wear" on its facade of honor 5 or 4 "stars" and offer guests a virtually limitless number of services. It is worth such a pleasure, of course, a lot - from 100 EUR for a double room (with breakfast). However, if you want to stay just in Paphos and not go broke, you can find a couple of nice facilities, accommodation in which costs from 50 EUR per day ..

Once the Budget - guesthouse close to Paphos villages, for example, or Amargeti Yeroskipou.

Where to stay: in a fun Limassol or never sleeping Ayia Napa, Larnaca budget or luxury Paphos, in the ultra-quiet Polis or Protaras family; as an option - in Northern Cyprus, Kyrenia or Famagusta. What to see: old Nicosia, the Troodos monasteries, or take a cruise to Jerusalem or Cairo, to visit Northern Cyprus - in the towns of Kyrenia and Famagusta. You may also be interested in Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro. See also: Is there enough about visas for trip to Cyprus if osuschetsvlyaetsya flight from Novosibirsk with transfer in Kiev, Cyprus, the weather in November. The most popular towns and resorts of the country: Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos.