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Lviv Art Gallery

Lviv Art Gallery is the largest museum of arts in Ukraine (approximately 50 thousand exhibits), with the collection of unique paintings, sculptures and works of graphic art of Western and Eastern Europe from the Middle Ages to modern days. The German paintings are represented by one of the finest examples of Late Gothic style – an image of three saints (Mary Magdalene, Odilia and Clare) painted by an unknown master in the late 15th century. The achievements of German portraiture are presented by paintings created by the best representatives of the genre in Europe of the second half of the 18th century. Lviv Gallery can also boast one of the largest collections of Austrian art of Baroque era in Europe. The painting “At the Moneylender’s” by Georges de La Tour is a pearl among the outstanding artistic valuables of the gallery. This painting created by the most mysterious master in the history of European art is the only one in Ukraine and one of the few surviving in the entire world. French, Dutch, Flemish and Spanish paintings are also sufficiently represented in the gallery, while the collection of Polish art of the 16th-20th centuries is the best one in the world outside Poland. The exposition contains works by prominent Polish masters of the 19th century including Artur Grottger and Jan Matejko. The European art of the 20th century is represented by diverse works created by artists belonging to various schools and artistic trends.