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Limassol is the most fun and cosmopolitan city of Cyprus and especially well suited for those who want to visit different parts of the island, since it is located approximately in the middle between all the main attractions - Curio between the ancient and the ancient Amathus, between Paphos and Ayia Napa. Actually Limassol and the name means "the average city".

Life in the resort does not disappear even in winter: Limassol off in nightclubs, drinking the best wine of Cyprus and fun days and nights without a break all year round. But do not think that you can only meet the "rave" youth - at Limassol like to rest and families with children (for young travelers here open three water parks, amusement park, and the only zoo Cyprus Amusement city park), and respectable people, not After parting with laptops, even on the beach or at the bar. Note that it is also the most "Russian-speaking" island resort, but it is plus or minus - decide for yourself.

Getting there

In Limassol there is no airport of its own, and the next two are in the Paphos and Larnaca - are both about 70 kilometers from the city. To overcome such a distance can take a taxi or bus companies Intercity Buses, Alepa and Nea Amoroza. Travel time - 45 minutes. Another option - to jump on the worker-peasant minibus in Paphos or Larnaca. In addition, to Limassol it is quite convenient and the water, here comes a few ferries from Beirut, Haifa, Ashdod, Rhodes and Crete.

Well, if you intend to go to Limassol from any other city in Cyprus, the easiest way is to take a bus.


By the very same city can be traversed as a taxi (fast, but surprisingly expensive) and bus (much more economical, but you'll probably have to stand for some time at the bus stop, and the routes are quite a few).

If you find that you get lost, just ask someone where is the beach. The city only three large parallel roads, and one of them as time goes along the coastline.

Rent a car in Limassol

Because the amount of pure, wild and beautiful coast just rolls around Limassol and the public transport network is not as well developed as it should be - your own iron on the wheels one here will be most welcome. And the price is hardly scare off even the most budget conscious travelers (especially if they estimate how much it will cost bus or taxi). All you need in order to rent a car in Limassol - a driver's license, driving experience of the year and the age of not less than 21 years. All the subtleties and nuances, please visit rent a car in Limassol.

Welcome to Limassol!

Limassol Beaches

The beaches in Limassol in the Cypriot good, with a gentle descent into the water and decent infrastructure in walking distance. The beaches are mostly sandy, sometimes there are sand and pebble. But the sand is not easy, and volcanic, containing flint, which is very beneficial effect on metabolic processes in the epidermis. The central municipal beach and remote «Ladies Mile» are among the best, and are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay. It is worth considering that the coastline here is very narrow.

It offers a wide range of beach activities - from water aerobics to motorized water sports. At the same time, the shoreline may be the order of "zasizheny" - the resort is very popular, and there is always a lot of tourists.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions in Limassol

Limassol - an ideal place for families, and for the noisy companies. For the more active travelers there are presented all kinds of water rides and beach sports, numerous clubs, bars and modern entertainment centers. Perhaps the most popular places for entertainment are the water parks - Wet`n Wild with a huge selection of different slides and Fasouri Watermania, located right in the middle of citrus groves. Those who are accustomed to quiet rest, will enjoy swimming pools with heated sea water, SPA-centers, tennis courts and horseback riding. There is a lot to see and lovers of antiquity - in the city are a huge number of ancient temples and the old knight's castle.

Especially Limassol attracts interesting cultural events. For example, hosts an annual summer theater festival, troupes from all over the world come here to make a real holiday of Dramatic Art. In February, it runs one of the largest and most colorful festivals in the island. But the greatest number of tourists eager to come here in September wine festival. And this is no accident, because this region is the center of old Cypriot viticulture. Masters of the nearby villages for centuries cherish their exclusive recipes, and every year offer to everyone to try their natural wines, which no longer have no place in the world.

In addition, Limassol is renowned for its architectural landmarks. Anyone who is interested in archaeological excavations, should visit the ruins of the ancient polis - Amathus and Kourion. It was at Amathus, according to the myth, brave Theseus defeated Minotaur, left his beautiful Ariadne. This city since ancient times was a major port and center for international trade. Here you can find the remains of the Acropolis, with a renewed sanctuary of Aphrodite, as well as the old Christian basilica. It is hard to imagine, but the stones, of which the defensive walls of the ancient city were built, and later used for the construction of the Suez Canal.

Curio was built after the Trojan War. The city was located on a hill and was impregnable to the enemy, the only thing that could ruin it, because it is the strongest earthquake, making it literally in ruins. People gradually left the place, here are increasingly invading Arabs and the XIX century, the foreign conquerors took with them almost all the valuable antiques. Nevertheless, there are remains of Roman baths with unique paintings from the mosaic, mosaic also remained in the house of gladiators, the nymph and the house of Achilles.

Curio is far from the Sanctuary of Apollo, where the remains of Kuriumskih and Paphos Gate survived. To the north of the resort - with picturesque Troodos Mountains nestled in the pine forests of ancient monasteries.

But in Limassol there are monuments and later architecture, the most outstanding of which is the knight's castle-fortress of Kolossi, built in the XII century. Then the knights engaged in the production of sugar here and wine, it is they owe their origin to the famous wine "Commandaria". Later the castle passed to the Templars, and in the XV century it acquired the appearance, in which stands before us now. Kolossi particularly remarkable in that its walls held wedding ceremony of King Richard the Lionheart and his beloved Berengaria, Duchess of Navarre.

Also in Limassol is the famous citadel, erected in the early 14th century on the ruins of a Byzantine castle, the chapel which was concluded marriage between Richard the Lionheart and Berengaria, who later became Queen of England. Now open the citadel of Cyprus Medieval Museum. It is also well known for the church of Ayia Napa, which is a relic of the veil St. Veronica, which she handed to Christ on the way to the crucifixion.

Generally, Limassol - a place where all comfortable, lively city, which at the same time there is a fuss. You can just indulge in bliss under the warm Mediterranean sun, visit a variety of tours, shopping in modern shopping malls and night light in the trendy discotheques.

Where to stay: in a fun Limassol or never sleeping Ayia Napa, Larnaca budget or luxury Paphos, in the ultra-quiet Polis or Protaras family; as an option - in Northern Cyprus, Kyrenia or Famagusta. What to see: old Nicosia, the Troodos monasteries, or take a cruise to Jerusalem or Cairo, to visit Northern Cyprus - in the towns of Kyrenia and Famagusta. You may also be interested in Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro. See also: Weather in Cyprus today. The most popular towns and resorts of the country: Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos.