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In Larnaca there are substantial grounds to claim the title of the oldest city in Cyprus: archaeologists found evidence indicates that people inhabited it even 6000 years ago. However, in the current form of the resort as a gray-haired old man appears a little. Modern Larnaca - twin sister of the other sea resorts of Cyprus in terms of development and architectural features: the old city center, plus an abundance of hotels and restaurants by the beach, which stretches along the walking promenade.

Larnaca - the most "simple" from the Cypriot resort is suitable for travelers with relatively low incomes. It can be recommended for families with young children because the sea here is shallow with a sandy bottom. Most of the hotels are located in the tourist area of ​​Larnaca, created to the east of the city on the shores of a sandy bay. Also, the resort is ideal for older people who want to relax in comfort, far from the noise of big cities.

A little history

In Larnaca, the centuries-old and distinguished history, and the city was founded, according to legend, a direct descendant of Noah. Much later in these lands settled risen from the dead saint Lazarus. He lived here for a long time, here was buried, and bears the inscription on his tombstone: "Lazarus, one of Christ." Most likely, it is due to this attraction of the city got its present name - Larnaca means "tomb". Today, on the site of the tomb of Lazarus rises church, where his relics are kept.

For many years the city was the largest port of the island, where the Phoenicians were brisk trade, in particular copper. But now, the port lost its importance and became a place of many private yachts moor. But now in Larnaca Cyprus operates the largest international airport.

How to get to Larnaca

Easier, faster and cheaper way to get to by plane Larnaca - Cyprus's largest international airport near by the resort, charter and direct flight from Russia is sufficient. The most budget option offers the "Victory" - from 70 EUR in one direction, to fly from Vnukovo exactly 4:00. All good, but tickets are always a little and carry-on baggage will have to pay. For 105-140 EUR to Larnaca will throw liners S7, «Yamal», Ural Airlines. It is also the capital of a direct fly «Aeroflot», Vim Airlines, Nordwind Airlines, but the tickets are from 180 to 220 EUR and above. With one change of 100-125 EUR adequate space to deliver the Greek Aegean or Latvian airBaltic. Prices are listed on page July 2016

From St. Petersburg Ural Airlines fly directly and "Russia". In the first promo single ticket costs 125 EUR, «Economy» both airlines starts from 146 EUR, the road takes about 5 hours. During the flight from St. Petersburg with a change in Athens Aegean requests from 106 EUR. The "Ural" in the season there are several flights a week from Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg, the price of the ticket in the first direction starts from 117 EUR, the second - from 165 EUR.

Aerophobia with multi-Schengen visa might consider a bus trip to the ferry interspersed (and, if desired, and trains) on the route Moscow - Tbilisi (Batumi) - Mersin - North Cyprus - Larnaca, but there are many subtleties and risks, taking into account the relations of Cyprus and Turkey. Without lining the road will take about 3 days, tickets overfill 150 EUR.

From the airport to the city go by bus or taxi. Private cabs for the trip want 15-20 EUR, say that you can try to bring down the price up to EUR 10 or demand to include the counter, and there could be as lucky. Also, to the city from morning till night buses. Price single adult ticket - 1,5 EUR, children under 6 years of age ride free of charge. With the schedule, fares and route maps can be found on the Russian-language version of the site service Cyprus by Bus.


Move on buses and shuttles for Larnaca, as well as abroad, will all the same service Cyprus by Bus. Here are all the public transport routes, stops, timetables machines, as well as current rates. There's an app for smartphones, which is very convenient for land navigation. Directions to the daily bus to the city and the outskirts is 1,5 EUR, ticket for the night bus will cost 2,5 EUR. Unlimited travel on the day - 5 EUR, for a week - 20 EUR. Important: these types of travel are not working on the night routes.

Taxis are rather expensive in Larnaca, landing 3,5 EUR worth an average piece of luggage yet 1-1,5 EUR, kilometer from 0,7 EUR. At night and on holidays prices grow by 30-50%. All taxis must be equipped with meters, make sure the correctness of their work and readings. The network is full of sites of Russian companies-carriers, but many aggressive prices inflated.

Pokatushki bikes - quite popular and demanded service, find the labor hire will not be. Daily rent cost in EUR 6-8, the bicycle must give Castle, the rest - optional and depends on the rental. It is worth to know in advance whether the hotel will provide a place for the night of your temporary iron friend.

Before you rent a bike just a few days it would be good to get acquainted with the weather forecast. The prolonged heat cycling the strength is not for everyone. Perhaps the best option would be hourly rent.

If laziness pedal and have the appropriate experience, then you can rent a moped, the price issue - 20-30 EUR daily.

Rent a Car

On the one hand - Larnaca is perfect for beach and hiking idleness ethnographic gastronomic expeditions through the streets of the city. On the other - a distance in Cyprus is not so large, and the cost of excursions is able to make a dent in a budget trip. So rent a car in Larnaca and drive around the neighborhood, exploring the sights and new beaches, would be a good idea. But with some reservations. For example, it should be remembered that the movement in Cyprus left-hand and seeming trifles seat belt or talking on the phone while driving, punishable by severe penalties in the 85-150 EUR. Another 85 EUR Cypriots appreciate parking in the wrong place. Free places are hard to find, especially at the main beaches of Larnaca, parking fees in designated areas will cost 0,5-0,8 EUR per hour, sometimes up to 2 EUR. The streets in the town are narrow, often - sided. Therefore, the vehicle should be considered as a transport country, and the resort to move on foot or by bus.

The fine for seat belt and talking on the phone while driving - 85-150 EUR. Parking in the wrong place - still 85 EUR.

Offices car rental in Larnaca quite widely presented as leading international services and aggregators, and small local companies. Day rent low-end models will cost 40-45 EUR. For a bigger car for the family asked 60-100 EUR. For 100-150 EUR pick convertible.

Details - on page "Rent a car in Larnaca".

Communication and Wi-Fi

Running with the plane at the nearest kiosk with local SIM cards need only in a situation where the connection to the house will keep daily and on schedule, and on the tourist "sim card" once again recalled already in flight. For a pair of quick reports in a spirit of "Flew-settled, send money, go home" enough roaming or call the hotel reception desk for 1-2 EUR. Tourists with a persistent desire to be connected, the services offered by the companies CYTA (Vodafone), PrimeTel and MTN. Covering roughly the same, calls to Russia on Pay As You Go tariff will cost around 0,09-0,18 EUR. Mobile internet expensive, for 500 MB of asking 15 EUR, but sometimes happen actions when for the same amount of a happy resident of social networks will receive 1.5 GB. Details of tariffs and offers fresh look at Russian-language version of the site PrimeTel and MTN. CYTA is acquired only English-language site.

To free Wi-Fi will be able to connect in the Larnaca airport, and then help with the search for special applications available points or known passwords. Open spots are easily found on the promenade, many cafes and restaurants, and more than half the hotels finally translated into the category of online shareware services.

Beaches Larnaca

Go to the main thing: the opinion of experienced experts, Larnaca is not considered a leading beach resort of Cyprus, but still with a sea vacation is all right. Judge for yourself: the main city beaches awarded the Blue Flag, which means maintaining the purity of all normal; Most of the beaches - free, in fact - you can bring your own umbrella, spread out a towel, and no one will mind. Even remote beaches are equipped with good, and in the central and does constantly there is something interesting, water - warm, clean and clear. What else is needed?

The golden or white sand? Yes, with this problem in Larnaca, sand gray, does not look very neat, photos have to refine filters. But the debris from his carefully scrubbed, walk and lie down nicely.

All major beaches Larnaca in high season are under the supervision of lifeguards and equipped for taking guests with disabilities. During set-chaise umbrella usually ask of 5 EUR.

A total of Larnaca accounts for about 25 km coastal line, suitable for swimming. Beach Cyprus Tourism Organisation (a couple of names - the beach "Saw" or "STR)" and "Phinikoudes" good for families with children, the beach "Mackenzie" young fit more - here tonight opened the most fun nightclubs, a small eco-beach « Yanates "worth a visit for snorkelling," Pharos "beaches in the village of Pervolia and Castella in the fishing village of Psarolimano relatively peaceful and quiet, recommended to couples and families.

Diving in Larnaca

In a small Larnaca typed pieces 7 diving centers and schools, including the Russian language and Russian companies. Their main specialty - the main attraction of an underwater resort, if not the whole of Cyprus, - the submerged ocean freight ferry "Zenobia". This machine for nearly 40 years has turned into a huge artificial reef and a hostel for diverse marine flora and fauna, it attracts divers contents of their cargo holds and decks - heavy truck backbone. Resting in the water trucks are an unforgettable sight and draw according to some sources up to 45 thousand. Divers per year.

Beginners to "Zenobia" will not be allowed, the ferry lies at a depth of 17 to 42 m, but if you ask for, then one of the diving schools Larnaca you can manage to go during the holiday the necessary training or professional development. Prices are not the lowest, but the EU area - acceptable. The initial training program will cost 80-165 EUR, for ONE STAR DIVER OPEN WATER DIVER or will have to pay about 420-450 EUR. Day diving "Zenobia" with rental equipment and two dives will cost more 100-130 EUR.


The main shopping streets of Larnaca considered Zenonos Kitieos and Ermou Street, here assembled fashion boutiques, jewelry stores and other places for the exchange earned back-breaking labor on the brands. Something souvenirs, a unique, not produced by giant international factories, it is better to look for a quiet and narrow streets. Although Ermou interesting Sunday market - every last day of the week from 10:00 to 13:00 come here to bargain for crafts by local artisans.

In memory of Larnaka driven ceramic metal utensils handmade interesting finds for the home, elegant (and affordable) silver ornaments. Neighboring the resort village of Lefkara is famous for the ancient art of creating exquisite lace flax. It works fine and meticulous, fun - expensive. A small doily will at least 15-20 EUR, in souvenir shops of Larnaca for the same will be asked even more, and if it is less, then it is an obvious fake.

At the time, the art of this village captivated even the genius Leonardo Da Vinci.

From useful and enjoyable - freshly pressed olive oil. It is produced in small factories around the resort, adequate price for a liter bottle - of 5 EUR. In the same section are making natural cosmetics from olive trees and lavender, fragrant wines of Cyprus, as well as the stunning southern sweets and white cheese "halloumi".

Kitchen and restaurant Larnaka

Being quite a major tourist destination, Larnaca is ready to cater to tastes of adherents of very different kitchens - standard fast food, Italian pasta, a Mexican, Chinese, Lebanese and Indian restaurants. But sprayed pseudo-exotic and refined international food in a place so rich with its own culinary traditions - a real sacrilege. Moreover, the food is not only tasty, but not very expensive in the taverns of Larnaca. Fish or meat "meze" will cost 15-25 EUR, but this set of dishes is enough for two, and often still remain. Do not hesitate to ask to pack remains of the feast, and take home with them, Cypriots welcome such a request only rejoice - nothing left on the table - so appreciated the efforts of chefs.

Ordering a "meze", make yourself comfortable, you get to go no earlier than an hour away from the table. This meal does not tolerate fuss, for a snack on the fly, please contact the "McDonald's".

Even in tourist restaurants frankly delicious meal for two with beer or wine will be released in 30-40 EUR. By the way, sweet Cyprus wine bottle in the store will cost 5-15 EUR.

Over a cup of coffee - not necessarily the morning - we go to one of the small family "kafenes". Serve flavored drink costs about 2 EUR, desserts and pastries in the average 0,45-1,5 EUR. At the same time should peep the ritual with three chairs - one frequenter "kafenes" sits comfortably on the other puts his feet, and the third a cup of coffee and a glass of ice water.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions

Apart from a beach holiday in Larnaca can be found and many other activities. For example, look at the ruins of the ancient city, where the fragments are not only Christian churches, built at the dawn of our era, but also the remains of five temples of the ancient Greek gods. Also in town is the ancient church of the Byzantine era, Panagia Angeloktisti, according to legend, was built by the angels. If you decide to look inside, do not forget to look at stored there unique fresco depicting the Virgin Mary, created as early as the 4th century.

A favorite place of tourists and locals in Larnaca has always been picturesque promenade Phinikoudes promenade and palm trees. Where you can leisurely stroll in the shadow of the slender rows of tropical trees and admire the sea views. Also on the waterfront are a huge number of bars, cozy taverns and chic restaurants. One of the favorite places for city residents has long been a tavern, "Monte Carlo", which serves the national Cypriot cuisine and beautifully prepared fresh seafood. And the best wine list in this region can boast conceptual retro bar Istante.

Larnaca bird's-eye view

For a long time, Larnaca was under the Turkish yoke, which delayed certain mark on architectural appearance. So, the city is surrounded by a massive fortification, next to which on-site Christian temple was erected Al-Kebir Mosque, acting to this day. This allowed access to tourists, who are attracted by the beautiful panoramic view from the minaret. On the outskirts of the city there is another mosque - Tekke Hala Sultan, one of the most important shrines of the Muslim world. It is located on the shores of wonderful Salt Lake, which spend the winter pink flamingos.

Just a few kilometers from Larnaca is the oldest monastery of Stavrovouni, which has a unique, performed by the tragic events of history. Local monks are securely hidden from the madding crowd, and the access of tourists here is strictly forbidden, but admire him even at a distance will be very interesting.

7 things to do in Larnaca Find blue "Lada" to "Zenobia". Try finally fresh olives. Aliki pohrustet salt lake. Catch a plane on the beach Mackenzie. Sit on three chairs in a small "kafenes". Getting lost in the maze of living botanical garden Cyherbia. Arrange a photoshoot at the pink flamingos.

Holidays & Events

Holidays in Larnaca love, because there is a chance to catch an interesting event at any time of the year. It is important to know that many festivals are tied to the Orthodox calendar, so their dates - "floating".

January 6th Cyprus celebrate Baptism in Larnaca in the festival added a highlight - the ceremony of baptism in the sea. At the border in February and March accounted Apokreo Carnival, celebration takes place on the famous Phinikoudes and lasts for several days - dancing, live music, food, everything as it should be at the meeting of spring. Around the same time, the resort meets classical music festival. In April, residents of the city celebrate St. Lazarus - their patron and protector. Processions take place on the main streets, including and Finikoudes. Here in May arranged the colorful Flower Festival Antestiriya preserved from the times of ancient Greece.

At Trinity in June accounted Kataklizmus festivities in honor of the rescue from the Flood, they mark the beginning of the summer. From July to November, the resort becomes the venue for a number of large-scale cultural events. It is worth visiting the event of the Summer Dance Festival, music and theater, festival lovers of art and, for example, the festival "European Cultural Winter". In mid-October visit on the outskirts of the resort in the village Aradippu, here the locals organize a fair in honor of St. Luke's, a great opportunity to try a lot of delicious and join the culture of Cypriots.

Larnaca for children

Those who met in Larnaca with the child, frankly lucky - on the outskirts of the resort, in the municipality of Aradippu located one of the largest amusement parks in Cyprus - Lucky Star Park. Of course, he does not pretend to the enormity of their famous colleagues from mainland Europe or the US, but its roller coasters in stock, enough entertainment for younger guests and adults and teenagers may seem interesting "trick" of the park - the equipped track for racing on the open-air maps . Here we offer a snack at one of the restaurants, so that on a visit to Lucky Star Park safely allot a full day.

Getting to the park is better to start with a walk on air monorail - a view from the heights will help assess the extent and estimate the route and plan of action.

The next destination is recommended to parents of young naturalists. Camel Park in Mazotos is famous as the name implies, the camels. They can be fed, to go on a camel safari, take pictures and buy a souvenir in the form of a souvenir. In addition to the "ships of the desert" live here Lama, turtles, various fish and birds, donkeys, ponies, kangaroos and deer. Almost zoo.


Well there is always - a typical Mediterranean climate is doing its job. It is said that cloudy days will be typed for the year on the strength of a month. Even in winter the sea water is a temperature at which in Siberian lakes are bathed in summer even walruses, and quite a Merzlyakov. By the way, if the goal - a comfortable bathing, then welcome to the resort from May to October, but with nuances - can bake considerably in August, and the fall rains come, but the mood and relaxation, they will not spoil. In winter - December to February - will need a sweatshirt and a light jacket for evening outings, snow will not see if you do not go to Olympia, but in case of rain. Spring begins at the end of February, and dizzy, indescribable beauty until May of colors and smells. Great time for excursions and walks.

Hotels in Larnaca

Most of the hotels here - cheap apartments and hotels without a "star" located in the tourist area of ​​the city. What is nice - many are on the first line, or just a pair of triple-minute walk from the sea. In high season the most budget accommodation will cost 37-45 EUR per night. Then, the price tag is growing very slowly from 50 to EUR 100 in increments of 2-3 EUR. Besides, for 50-60 EUR can be removed in the "three rubles" for an apartment or a room with very good reviews. Do supporters of high comfort choice is not especially high, especially in the summer - Hotels 4 and 5 "stars" can be counted on the fingers of one hand, sometimes - two. Overnight in standard rooms starts from 130-140 EUR, for the coolest suites with half board and "all inclusive" get ready to shell out 430-540 EUR.

Businesses and families with children, we advise to pay attention to the apartments - the area is much larger than usual numbers underfoot suitcases are not confused, often have the opportunity to prepare breakfast or to put in the fridge and warmed neosilennye goodies drinks.

In winter, the price tag much more democratic. Quite good apartments offer for 19-30 EUR, high-quality three-star hotels to reduce the cost of the night 38-40 EUR, 5 *, you can catch the number 90 EUR. But suites in price especially not subside, keeping the brand.

Where to stay: in a fun Limassol or never sleeping Ayia Napa, Larnaca budget or luxury Paphos, in the ultra-quiet Polis or Protaras family; as an option - in Northern Cyprus, Kyrenia or Famagusta. What to see: old Nicosia, the Troodos monasteries, or take a cruise to Jerusalem or Cairo, to visit Northern Cyprus - in the towns of Kyrenia and Famagusta. You may also be interested in Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro. See also: Sights of Paphos, Cyprus, the weather in November. The most popular towns and resorts of the country: Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos.