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Gently surrounded by mountains Komovi, Bjelasica and Sinyavina lovely European-style compact town of Kolasin is known worldwide. Based once the Turks and being a caravan settlement on the road from Podgorica to Bijelo Polje, today it is an air resort, where snow spray winter sports enthusiasts enjoy the enchanting natural beauty. Ski Resort is surrounded by centuries-old forests, protected within the local national park.

The season runs from November to May, but the skiing is possible even with a small thickness of the snow cover.

Getting there

From the airport in Podgorica, 80 km away, or from Tivat, it is 160 km away, can be reached by bus or taxi. Railway connects the city with Belgrade.


Winding trails stretch for a distance of eight kilometers from Kolasin, ski resorts are concentrated in "Trebalevo" and "Belasitsa". For example, Belasitsa mountain straddles the thread runs 15 km long main road length - 4.5 km.

Two slope FIS certified for international competitions. As for the lifts, one chair, three - and one ski is designed for children. Those who decided to stand up for the first time on skis, their services offer ski schools.


Ski passes

The cost per day for an adult is 15 EUR, for children - 10 EUR, 3-hdnevny - EUR 45 and EUR 30 respectively. On week - 98 EUR and 63 EUR, 10 days - 130 EUR and 80 EUR. The cost of rental ski equipment - 13 EUR per day. The cost of classes at the ski school (4 hours) - 85 EUR. The most popular ski center Kolašin 1450 Ski Resort, spread out directly at the foot of the mountain Bjelasica, 10 km from the city. Hours runs from 10:00 to 16:00, evening skiing starts from 19:00.

Prices are listed on the page May 2016

Treatment and rest in the summer

Despite the fact that Kolasin is primarily known as a ski resort, in the summer it is no less crowded, because the town is transformed into a lovely and airy balneological hospital, where the air is a major unique and effective medicine.

4 things to do in Kolasin is a ride on the highway "Jezerine" at night, which is illuminated around the clock. Visit the annual international competition "Golden ermine" competition and snowboarders at the ski festival in February, either as a spectator or as a participant. Arrange diskomarafon visiting overnight noisiest places of the city - "Selekt" and "66". A ride on the unique for the Balkans, "cable car" for six seats.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions

From standard resorts of Kolasin a sports orientation is characterized in that city's architectural heritage is no less valuable and interesting. It is worth paying attention to the monastery Moraca, a sample of the architecture of the 13th century. Church of the Assumption of the Virgin nurtures within its walls skillful frescoes is especially valuable famous series, which tells about the prophet Elijah, and rare icons of the 17th century. The ensemble of the monastery includes the Church of St. Nicholas and Archdeacon Stephen. Local Lore Museum Kolasin boasts extensive ethnographic, historical and artistic collections.

Also flowery ski slopes, to devote time to rest it is possible to explore the National Park, whose territory extends to the city. Especially appreciate the natural beauty of ecotourism lovers, because in walking distance there are ancient forests of Europe. The epicenter of forest resources - Belasitsa and reserve Pearl - Biogradsko Lake, one of the largest among the five glacial lakes on which coast you can rent a cottage for a few days.

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