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The picturesque town of Kandy is located right in the middle of Sri Lanka, 115 km north-east of Colombo, on the banks of the river Mahaweli Ganga, which makes the climate of Kandy pleasant and fresh. This city is considered the cultural capital of the island nation and the UNESCO listed World Heritage Site. The last capital of the ancient kings of Sri Lanka Kandy even during the British rule kept the ancient traditions. Residents of the city are still proud of their heritage and very honored Buddhist values.

In recent years, the cultural heritage of Kandy somewhat modified under the influence of immigrants from other parts of the country. Locals lament the gradual disappearance of the image of "honest Kandyans", as he is described in the literature of the colonial era, and tourists learn to better look after their property. But, anyway, Kandy - peaceful and safe city compared with others on the island, and there remains much lower crime rate.

In the center of the city is an artificial lake, the creation of the last king of Kandy. And at its center on a small island is the Summer Palace, where the king had once contained his harem.

Getting there

From the capital, Colombo, to Kandy run express train (first class must be booked in advance), taxi (journey time of 3 hours, 10000 LKR), minivans with driver (to be ordered in the travel agency) or air-conditioned buses.

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Climate Kandy

Shopping and shops Kandy

Kandy - craft center, which is famous for its craftsmen. Masters weaving of straw and bamboo, silversmiths, craftsmen carving produced (and sold) are great products, some of the best in Sri Lanka.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions Kandy

On the shore of the lake is the Dalada Maligawa, - Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. It is believed that the tooth appeared on the island in 311 g hair Hemamaly princess. State capital is the city, where the Buddha's tooth. When in 1590 Mr Tooth arrived in Kandy, King Vilamaladarmasuriya I built a two-storey temple at the Royal Palace, where it was placed the relic.


Temple of the Tooth is a part of a huge complex of buildings: the church was located north of the Royal Palace, the Palace of the Queen, Hall of Audience. To the east of the temple on the border of the lake is swimming queen Ulpe Ge, remodeled in the British Library (and now and does a police station).

Next to the Dalada Maligawa, there are three Hindu temples dedicated to the gods of Nata, Pattini (goddess of chastity and health, popular among the Buddhists) and Vishnu. Just a block away is Kataragama Deva - one of the most popular Hindu temples of the city, dedicated to the god of war Skanda. Another prominent landmark of the city, the so-called Royal Pavilion at the foot of the mountains, built by the British governor in 1834. At present, the pavilion is the official residence of the President of Sri Lanka in Kandy.

Since Kandy - the religious capital of the country and the center of Buddhism, there are two main monasteries of the country: Asgiriya and Malvatte.


Trekking - the best way to see this distinctive nature and culture of Kandy. In the vicinity of the city laid a lot of interesting routes, for example, to the temple Asgiri Maha Viharaya and hill Bahirawakande. And also: track Udawattakelle Reserve temple Lankathilake, on the way Portuguese War, Mount Alagalle, tea plantations and traditional villages.

In the east of Kandy is worth a visit Gangaramaya temples, Galmaduwa and Degaldoruwa. And lots of other places: the cave Ash and Nitre, Rathna waterfall, cave Sitakotuwa limestone, rice fields, Rantambe Reserve and many other places.

Where to stay: in one of the alpine resorts of Ceylon, where in colonial times, the British were hiding from the heat, namely in Kandy or Nuwara Eliya. In addition, you can stay in the capital of Colombo, the country or in one of the beach resorts in the south-east coast of Sri Lanka. What to see: one of the oldest cities of the island of Ceylon Anuradhapura, "Lion's Rock 'Sigiriya, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy, cave monasteries Dambulla, Dutch fort of the 17th century in Galle, a city-museum of Polonnaruwa, and the mountain resort of Nuwara Eliya, also often referred to as "little England". Finally, it is worth to spend a couple of days in the vibrant and bustling capital of the country - the city of Colombo. You may also be interested in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, China, Japan. See also: Online booking - a convenient way of organizing the trip yourself. The most popular destinations and resorts of the country: Bentota, Galle, Negombo, Kandy, Colombo.