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Kalutara - a resort area on the south-west of the island, known for its sports clubs. It is ideal for lovers of water sports: windsurfing, scuba diving, water skiing, underwater fishing and sailing.

Kalutara - the first city, which is found on the road from Colombo. It stands on the river (or rather just behind it when viewed from Colombo) Kalu Ganga, "black river" - one of the largest in Sri Lanka. North of the bridge, which connects the two banks of the Kalu Ganga, is a nice beach with a number of luxury hotels and the center of water sports. Budget tourists there to "catch" something.

Getting there

Kalutara is close enough to the Sri Lankan capital, only 42 km and 62 km from the international airport, so that you can get and the car, and taxi and bus, and train.

Beaches Kalutara

No wonder the "gold coast" called coarse-grained sand strewn beaches in the region is cast pleasant radiant heat. Entrance to the water is a steep slope, so the period should not bathe storms. The beaches are fringed with lush exotic vegetation, creating an atmosphere of seclusion and inaccessibility to the hustle and bustle of big cities.

5 things to do in Kalutara Getting in February for the annual parade Navam Perahera, which runs on a large scale in Kalutara. That same day, from the city of Buddhist temples on the back of a large elephant take out the sacred relics, and thousands of people have the opportunity to worship them. In the evening, dark-blue sky colored lights illuminations. Take a wonderful boat trip on the colorful river Kalu Ganga. A key place - an island hermit. As a souvenir buy spices - curry sauce "oro" of the fruit with spices, red hot sauce "masala" flavors that will please you for a long time in the kitchen. Bring as a spiritual sacrifice Bo tree that near the temple Kalutara Vihara Dagoba, a bouquet of flowers or fruit in return for the enlightenment or the performance of the cherished desire. Visit the amazing beauty of the waterfall, which is half an hour away by tuk-tuk. The cost of travel back and forth will be 10-20 USD.

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Entertainment, excursions and attractions Kalutara

The city preserved old Dutch Canal and the ruins of an ancient fort. In addition, walking through the streets of the resort, you can find two or three houses of colonial style with ease.

Undoubtedly, the most prominent landmark in the historical placer places Sri Lanka attraction - it Vihara Stupa Gangatilaka such colossal dimensions that it can be seen before entering the city. Amazing and mortar so that it is hollow, and it is an architectural rarity.

In the vicinity of the city is the oldest of Buddhist temples on the island of Sri Lanka - Dagobah Kalutara Vihara. The most valuable in the internal environment of the temple, of course, is a collection of 74 murals depicting paintings from the last earthly life of the Buddha and the 550-minute of his previous lives. The temple stands on a site that is visited by Prince Siddhartha (Buddha Shakyamuni) after spiritual enlightenment, and the main proof of this fact - the sacred Bo tree that grew from the process of the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment. The best part is that the church is still in effect, and every day it announced vaults melodious singing of Buddhist monks who commit another fascinating ritual.

Hall preaching in the temple daily Asokarama filled with thousands of pilgrims, except that assistance and support are guaranteed to receive and disadvantaged residents of the city. It is known in the religious world charity. And if you manage to visit the Buddhist ceremony Pyrite, consider that you have seen one of the most beautiful religious activities. Has unique acoustics of the building opens its doors at night, weary traveler can not only enjoy the prayer, but also fragrant Ceylon tea.

The Christian Church, which also is in the Kalutara, not deprived of attention, and holidays on the main street in the direction of the church are held the evening procession of thousands of Sri Lankan Christians. Fluttering in the wind of their white clothes and humble face lights illuminate the magic thousand lighted candles.

Where to stay: the newlyweds and loving couples - in Bentota, away from the savages and hippies - in Beruvella wishing to live close to the entertainment capital and at the same time in a quiet place - Mount Lavinia. Kalutara and Negombo to lovers of water sports, well, Colombo - those who can not imagine life without the metropolitan bustle. What to see: one of the oldest cities of the island of Ceylon Anuradhapura, "Lion's Rock 'Sigiriya, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy, cave monasteries Dambulla, Dutch fort of the 17th century in Galle, a city-museum of Polonnaruwa, and the mountain resort of Nuwara Eliya, also often referred to as "little England". Finally, it is worth to spend a couple of days in the vibrant and bustling capital of the country - the city of Colombo. You may also be interested in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, China, Japan. See also: Where to go to Sri Lanka in late April, and what's the weather at this time of year. The most popular destinations and resorts of the country: Bentota, Galle, Negombo, Kandy, Colombo.