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Hikkaduwa (Hikkaduwa) - a very popular resort with good infrastructure and facilities for a luxurious holiday, which is considered the best dive resort in the whole of Sri Lanka. Located 100 km south of Colombo, Hikkaduwa is famous for its beach. A little away from the main - flat, smooth, sandy - many surfers conquer the waves of vengeance: in Hikkaduwa is located their headquarters, and the beach is the second of the best surf on the entire island. Another great attraction of the settlement - Coral Reserve, which is a few hundred meters from the shore. Here there are about 70 species of multicolored coral.

The resort itself stretches along the beach, and it is difficult to say exactly where it ends, and its lively coastal main road in Colombo, only adds town guests.

Meanwhile, recent history Hikkaduwa pretty sad. In 2004, there was a powerful tsunami, and many locals lost in it all the property (as a minimum). As compensation they received ... sewing machines. So now in the economic sense Hikkaduwa - one large company, tailoring to order.

Getting there

Most taxis in Hikkaduwa is a Mini Bus for 8 people, and therefore the cost of travel for them is relatively small. For example, a trip to Galle will cost LKR 1000, Colombo - 2000-2400 LKR.

Prices are listed on page July 2016

In addition, the resort buses from Colombo (shuttle / air-conditioned 127/190 LKR, travel time 2-3 hours) and Halle (LKR 37, 30 minutes).

Those who prefer to travel by train, too, will not go away. By rail from Hikkaduwa can be reached Colombo (2nd / 3rd grade 168/85 LKR, in a way 2-3 hours), Halle (2nd / 3rd grade 40/20 LKR, 30 minutes). As well as a daily express train to Kandy (2nd / 3rd grade 400/210 LKR, travel time 6:00).


Opt for one of two large hotels, or to settle in a small family hotel, designed for 10-15 rooms, a band that stretches along the ocean coast.

Diving in Hikkaduwa

Along the shores of Hikkaduwa is, the profit curious diver: near the beach remains of several wrecks, including - the sunken British ship Earl of Shaftsbury, which lies at a depth of 12 to 21 meters and is available for penetration. Another interesting wreck - covered with shells tanker SS Conch, sunk in 1903. The coral reef located 50 meters from the coast and it stretches along the three hundred meters. Its average depth is two meters. The season for diving here lasts from November to April. The depth of dives - from 4 to 40 meters. Distance from the beach - 15 minutes to an hour by boat. An ideal place for those who first tried his hand at diving. In addition, it offers a sea voyage on a glass bottom boat, for those who are afraid to dive.

Surfing - is an excellent opportunity to see the landscapes of the resort. On the southern coast of Sri Lanka is one of the best places for this water sport.

Line-ebb tide at the local beaches travels twice a day for 10-15 meters. The sand of the southern coast of the island large. Water temperature from October to March is around 24-28 degrees. The air is heated to 30-35 degrees. The best time for swimming - early in the morning, half an hour before sunrise, when the air is fresh, full of iodine, and the surrounding silence creates a feeling of pristine desert paradise.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions Hikkaduwa

Always worth a visit "wholesale fish market" or "fish market", located on the shores of an artificial harbor. Typically, the betting starts at five in the morning, and at nine good commodity snapping restaurants.

Walk can be Dodanduva village, which is located near the center. There is a small fishing harbor, where the fishermen live tuna and barracuda. You can hire a catamaran and go to fish for two or three hours in the early morning or evening.

Evenings tired but happy tourists were drinking exotic kokteylchik in Mambos bright beach bar, and then go to a disco Vibrations, which is always fun reigns. Tired of boating, you can visit the town's Buddhist temple or sit out on the lake, favored by birds.

"Jumbo" you can treat yourself to fresh lobster or giant prawns in any restaurant. Dish well drink a cold beer Lankan "Leon". All the pleasure will cost 30 USD.

2 things you should do in Hikkaduwa trips to go swimming with the turtles, during which you can touch them, feed laminaria and even a ride on the back of a particularly patient person. To master the intricacies of riding a bodiserfe small wide board, on which lie all over and "catch the wave", dispersed feet. Taming this adaptation possible for half an hour.

Where to stay: in Tangalle, which is famous for its marvelous sandy coast; surfers - or in Weligama Hikkaduwa (the latter, by the way, and enjoy divers); in Unawatuna, which according to the Discovery Channel is included in the "top ten" best beaches in the world. Koggala interesting for its lake, which stretches along the beach line for many kilometers. What to see: one of the oldest cities of the island of Ceylon Anuradhapura, "Lion's Rock 'Sigiriya, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy, cave monasteries Dambulla, Dutch fort of the 17th century in Galle, a city-museum of Polonnaruwa, and the mountain resort of Nuwara Eliya, also often referred to as "little England". Finally, it is worth to spend a couple of days in the vibrant and bustling capital of the country - the city of Colombo. You may also be interested in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, China, Japan. The most popular destinations and resorts of the country: Bentota, Galle, Negombo, Kandy, Colombo.