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Mount Dambulla - large religious complex, located in the center of the island just south of Sigiriya. This place is especially lovers of architecture and history, as Dambulla is famous for its unique cave temples and monasteries, as well as other archaeological monuments under UNESCO protection.

How to get to Dambulla

Dambulla is located 150 kilometers from the international airport in Sri Lanka between Kandy, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. The best way to get to the place is the bus. The fare from Kandy to Dambulla is about 80 LKR. From Colombo to Dambulla can be reached in four hours in a comfortable air-conditioned bus, paying 150 LKR. Of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura buses run just 78 LKR.

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Entertainment, excursions and attractions Dambulla

"The Golden Cave Temple" located at the top of the mountain, was built in the first century BC and holds the world's largest collection of Buddha statues. Entrance to the cave is about 1,500 LKR. Total Buddhist temple consists of five caves, each of which has its own name.

The first cave is named in honor of the god Vishnu, under the auspices of which the temple was built. Here you can see the seven first-century Buddha statues BC, the largest of which is 14 meters. Next to the temple is a small chapel of the god Vishnu, which can also be viewed.


The second largest cave. Along the walls, decorated with unique frescoes from the life of divinity and history of the country, is a statue of Buddha and gods, made of granite, wood and brick. Also in the cave there Dagobah - monumental structure for storage of relics, which are surrounded by 11 statues of the meditating Buddha. At the entrance is an arch in the form of a mythical dragon, which is located under the Buddha statue in life size. To the left of the statue can be seen Maitreya sculpture of the god, the only bodhisattva, which is revered all schools of Buddhism.

In the temple of Dambulla

The third cave is built relatively recently compared to the rest. The 18th century temple is 56 Buddha statues in the ceiling over a thousand of his images, each statue is unique in its own way. The outputs of the caves are presented in the form of arches, decorated with dragons.

Fourth Cave is quite small, it was built in the first century BC. In the center you can see another dragobu, which used to be the jewels of the King's wife.

Fifth Cave holds 11 statues of Buddha and a few statues of the Gods.

Where to stay: in one of the alpine resorts of Ceylon, where in colonial times, the British were hiding from the heat, namely in Kandy or Nuwara Eliya. In addition, you can stay in the capital of Colombo, the country or in one of the beach resorts in the south-east coast of Sri Lanka. What to see: one of the oldest cities of the island of Ceylon Anuradhapura, "Lion's Rock 'Sigiriya, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy, cave monasteries Dambulla, Dutch fort of the 17th century in Galle, a city-museum of Polonnaruwa, and the mountain resort of Nuwara Eliya, also often referred to as "little England". Finally, it is worth to spend a couple of days in the vibrant and bustling capital of the country - the city of Colombo. You may also be interested in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, China, Japan. The most popular destinations and resorts of the country: Bentota, Galle, Negombo, Kandy, Colombo.