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Perhaps the most adequate evaluation of the Cyprus tourist would sound like this: "a strong Mediterranean horoshist". That is, it is quite typical direction of a beach holiday, without any striking or unique "chips", but without the disadvantages of large (if, of course, does not rank as such high prices). The island has a mild climate, the service in hotels - it is quite adequate to their level, and the beaches - very clean, with lots of Blue flags - so trips to Cyprus are more than popular among travelers.

The predominant character of rest - a respectable and decent in all respects, without gulyanok drunk all night and disco frenzy.

Regions and resorts in Cyprus

The island of Cyprus - this is some great beach resorts and one ski.

The island's capital - Nicosia - the city among tourists unpopular, but definitely worthwhile. It is the capital of the two states at the same time - the Republic of Cyprus, inhabited by Greeks, and Northern Cyprus, which has a population Turks make up. It is a beautiful ancient city, the first settlements date back to the 7th century BC. e. If you want to see non-touristic authentic Cyprus, you should allocate for visiting Nicosia, at least a couple of days. This city has many museums, restaurants and Balkan, Greek and Turkish specialties.

The largest and most popular Cypriot resort - the city of Limassol. It is located on the coast and, in fact, this "universal" a place to rest. For families with children there are water parks, amusement park and hotels with all the infrastructure young travelers, young people - a lot of clubs, bars and discos. In addition, this resort is considered the most international and "Russian-speaking".

Ayia Napa - a "local Ibiza", the most cheerful and youth resort island where pleasure and rest Cypriots themselves. The city has many different clubs, beach discos and a variety of bars and restaurants. And compared with the same Ibiza, hang out in Ayia Napa several times cheaper.

The most inexpensive and "simple" Cypriot resort - it Larnaca. There's nothing special, but it's great for a relaxing family holiday with children. Sandy beaches, gently sloping entrance to the sea and low prices for accommodation fully compensate the lack of entertainment infrastructure. In addition, there is one of the two airports on the island.

In Ayia Napa has enjoyed the Cypriots themselves. It's so much fun as in Ibiza, but much cheaper.

The second airport is in Paphos. This ancient city is known as the birthplace of the goddess Afodity, as well as the most elite resort on the island. Here rest wealthy people, a lot of luxury hotels and restaurants built. No special entertainment infrastructure and no animation, but a lot of beautiful coves, secluded places and other opportunities for a relaxing holiday.

Protaras - a quiet resort town, more than the budget. Lots of wide beaches, rocky coves and cheap apartments - a suitable place to come on holiday with children. At the same time, if desired, hence convenient ride to Ayia Napa with its disco fervor - just 15 minutes by taxi.

The small town of Polis, situated on the north-west of the island, can not boast of a large flow of tourists - and this is its charm. Local just live your life, go fishing and are engaged in agriculture. Tourists are no entertaining, but there is the opportunity to live on the present authentic Cyprus. Accommodation prices significantly lower than in the tourist centers, working on weekends fish markets and fairs, and if lucky, you can see the Boat Show.

Troodos Mountains - Nature Reserve and a must tourist program in Cyprus. It's cool pine forest, in the shade of which settled villages, Byzantine monasteries, ancient ruins and small taverns. Winter in the mountains of Troodos snow falls, and you can ski, and in the rest of the time to visit the famous Kykkos Monastery, climb Mount Olympos, visit the pottery village of Kakopetria, or simply walk around the many hiking mountain trails.

Difference in time


Cyprus Climate - mild, with plenty of sunny days throughout the year. The winter is very short and mild, the average temperature of +17 to +19 ° C. In the highlands of winter the thermometer falls a few degrees below zero, and snow falls. Summer is hot and lasts from mid-May to mid-October. During this period, the temperature can be raised to +35 ° C in the shade, but because of the low moisture heat is easy.

Average water temperature off the coast of Cyprus in July +23 ° C, in February (the coldest month) +14 ° C, bathing almost all year round open season.

Current information: weather forecast in Cyprus for months and on the main resorts in the coming days.

Visa and Customs

Citizens of Russia and other CIS countries to travel to Cyprus require a visa.

Restrictions on the import and export of currency, traveler's checks, credit cards and other payment documents there. Cash sums of more than EUR 10 000 need to be declared. Duty-free import of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco; 1 liter of spirits or 2 liters of alcoholic beverages with strength up to 22 °; to 50 ml and 250 ml perfume toilet water. The import of parrots, fruit and fresh flowers, all weapons (including gas), drugs and hazardous chemicals.

It is forbidden to rise in archaeological treasures from the seabed or their removal from the territory of Cyprus without the prior approval of the Director of the Department of Antiquities.

On the wine export restrictions there, but keep in mind that the import into Russia free can no more than 3 liters of alcoholic beverages, regardless of the fortress. For "superiority" will have to pay a fee of EUR 10 per liter, but the whole is allowed to import no more than 5 liters per adult citizen.

19% VAT can be returned to Cyprus. To do this, you need to make a purchase for an amount not less than EUR 50 in the store, where the cash register or at a special counter has a logo «Global Blue Tax Free Shopping". The completed form issued by the seller is required to point back to the airport. Money is listed on the card will be given on the spot or cash.

Getting to Cyprus

From Russia to Cyprus can be reached by air and sea.

Cyprus has two airports in Larnaca and Paphos.

The daily flight to Larnaca from Moscow perform "Aeroflot" (with "Cyprus Airways"), but also low-cost airlines "Victory" from 2016. Three times a week from Moscow to Larnaca and Paphos flying S7 Airlines. On the way - about 4 hours. Tickets from Moscow: 170 EUR (Larnaca) and 230 EUR (from Paphos). Prices are listed on the page June 2016

From St. Petersburg in direct flights to Larnaca on Thursdays and Sundays, makes the airline "Russia", the cost of tickets - from USD 311 in both directions. During the summer season charter flights fly further, and at other times easier to fly with a connection in Moscow.

Also in the summer there are charter flights from Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, Samara and other cities.

Sea to Cyprus can be reached by regular flights and private vessels from Greece Port, Egypt and Israel. From the Greek port of Piraeus, a few transport companies carry out regular ferry flights to Limassol and back.

In particular, flights from Greece (including the islands), Egypt and other ports company performs Cruise Cyprus (website in English). Prices for cruises start at 250 EUR per person one way.


Travel around the island can be on long-distance buses. Each large city buses leave, as a rule, twice a day (morning and evening), except Sundays.

Fare: approximately EUR 3 per 50 kilometers. There are one-time, daily, weekly, monthly and annual tickets. All but one-time, assume an unlimited number of trips. A ticket for one trip from Limassol to Larnaca is 4 EUR, the daily - 7 EUR, week - 33 EUR, and monthly - 70 EUR. You can buy them at stops or from the driver.

There are also single tickets are valid on all long-distance routes: one laziness - 15 EUR, for a week - 75 EUR. For more information on pricing, routes and stops - at the carrier's website.

In large cities, there are municipal buses and minibuses. Moving time - 4:00 (in some cities - from 6:00) until midnight. In major tourist cities run buses around the clock, but they have special night fares (but it is in any case cheaper than a taxi). On Sundays and holidays, many drivers off legitimate, but rare in the tourist centers there are buses.

ticket system is the same as in the inter-city buses. There are one-time, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly travel. The single day ticket (c 4:00 to 21:00) is 1,50 EUR, the night (21:00 to 4:00) - 2,50 EUR. Daily weekly travel card (night does not happen) will cost 20 EUR, and the daily long-distance (ticket for one day, giving the right of way as a long-distance and urban transport) - 15 EUR.

Taxis can be stopped on the street, call the hotel via the administrator, as well as by telephone from any store or restaurant. There are two tariff: day (from 6:00 to 20:30) and night (from 20:30 to 6:00, more expensive by 15%); the tariff for transportation of luggage from the time of day is independent. The price with the driver better to negotiate in advance, and a few words in Greek could slow down a little price. Average cost of travel by taxi 5-10 EUR 10-15 minutes away, depending on the city.

Rent a Car in Cyprus

To rent a car in Cyprus, you must be no younger than 25 and not older than 70 years old and have a driving experience not less than 3 years. Some private office rental cars and give out 18-year-old drivers, but in this case will have to pay "for the youth." When renting a car for a week provided unlimited mileage, but does not include payment for insurance, VAT (15%) and the cost of a full tank of gas. But the machine can easily return with an empty tank. The cost of rent - from 35 EUR, in the Turkish part of the island for less.

Cyprus drive on the left.

Movement in the country of the left. Use of safety belts is compulsory for both the driver and passengers in all seating positions. The maximum speed on the highway - 100 km / h in the city - 50 km / h.

According to local laws, the vehicle can not smoke if you child is going up to 16 years; also can be fined for food and drink driving.

Moving the rental car between two different parts of Cyprus (Turkish and Greek) is prohibited.

In major cities during rush hour traffic jams happen occasionally, but with Moscow they certainly do not compare. Parking in the central areas of cities paid (during the week), the price of about EUR 0.40-0.60 per hour (free on weekends). Sign prohibiting parking at any time of the day or night - double yellow line, at a single yellow line you can stop for a short time (for example, drop off passengers), but it is also prohibited to park.

The fine for parking in the wrong place - 85 EUR.

Communication and Wi-Fi

Local mobile phones in Cyprus quality and inexpensive. Coverage area of ​​SIM cards of local operators - almost the entire island, and the cost of calls in Russia is much less than in roaming. For example, a minute of conversation with Moscow will cost EUR 0.05-0.15, depending on the tariff.

Buy a SIM card at a store communication, newsstand, or even in a small minimarket. The card itself is free, but on its account will have to lay a certain amount (5 to 20 EUR). Add funds can be cards, which are also sold at every step. Difficulties with the connection usually does not occur, as many cards are equipped with instructions in Russian.

With mobile Internet, things are worse. 3G works well only in big cities, and of 4G and LTE are not heard. So, if you need to be always on the network, it is better to take advantage of offers Russian cellular operators in roaming.

With Wi-Fi in the big cities there are no problems. Most restaurants provide it free of charge (quite fast), many hotels free to connect to the Internet only in the lobby, and for access in the room will have to pay (on average 2-5 EUR per hour, there are daily and weekly rates).


Monetary unit - the Euro (EUR), € 1 100 cents. Exchange rate: 1 EUR = 73,92 RUB.

Currency can be exchanged in exchange offices and banks. At the airport of course less profitable, but the exchange offices operate around the clock. Banks are open from May to August, Monday to Friday from 8:15 to 13:00, and from September to April, also on Mondays from 15:15 to 16:45, Saturday and Sunday - the days off.

The bank rate is usually more profitable, but a charge of EUR 3-5 per transaction, so if we are talking about small amounts (up to 100 EUR), better to change money in the private exchange offices.

In large cities, a lot of convenience ATMs for cash withdrawal fee - from 2 to 4%. Credit card payment systems Visa and Mastercard You can pay almost everywhere, including small shops, but usually only for the purchase of 10 EUR. With American Express, problems may arise in the majority of cases, this card will not be accepted.

Be careful with the major denominations of 100 EUR, they are often counterfeited in Cyprus, so if possible do not take this money from individuals, only in the bank.

How to avoid problems

The country is safe. In Cyprus, there are no dangerous insects, and marine reptiles, tap water can be drunk safely.

Street crime - a rarity, forgetting the restaurant a mobile phone, you can easily return to it the next morning. However provoke potential criminals deliberately not worth it. No need to show large amounts of money to walk alone at night in deserted places (especially girls).

In Cyprus, the left-hand traffic unusual for Russians, so we need to be extremely careful on the roads. For drink-driving is immediately sent to the court (as a general rule, he is appointed to the next working day), which determine the amount of the fine, which can be paid on the spot. In case of failure to pay within two weeks, the amount is doubled.

Cypriots are very friendly people, but the occupation of the northern part of the island by Turkey to have a sore subject, and in conversation it is better not to touch.

The Russian Embassy in Nicosia: Ag. Prokopiou street, Engomi; tel .: (22) 774-622; Web site

The police, fire service, ambulance: 112, 199 (round the clock).

Information Referral Service: 191, 192 (round the clock).


All the beaches in Cyprus and municipalities free of charge, have to pay only for the sun loungers and parasols (3-7 EUR per day). Some hotels provide beach equipment to its guests free of charge, but it is rather a case of the most expensive hotels. In the city center, away from the beach separates the highway.

The best beaches in Cyprus - Ayia Napa and Protaras. "Nissi Beach" (Ayia Napa) - a wide strip of white sand beach and crystal clear water. There are many bars, beach discos and other entertainment for young people.

Protaras beaches are too sandy and the sea is shallow, which is convenient and safe for tourists with kids. Best beaches in the resort located in the fig-bay.

Popular beaches in Larnaca - is "Mackenzie", "Finikudis" and the beach of the Cyprus Tourism Organization. The seabed is sandy on the shore in some places there are small pebbles. "Finikudis" - is very popular among tourists in this city due to the beautiful promenade with palm trees and views of the bay.

Limassol beaches are covered with volcanic sand. It contains a flint, a beneficial effect on the skin.

In Limassol there are beaches for families with children as well as for party-goers. The coast is sandy everywhere, but the sand is not white and volcanic (gray color). It is believed that it is beneficial for the skin.

To the west of Limassol is the longest beach on the island - "Lady's Mile", where locals love to relax and relatively few tourists. In the east of Limassol there is a second popular beach, "the Governor", which are usually held beach parties. Between Limassol and Paphos is the famous beach of Aphrodite - the birthplace of the goddess of love. The beach is small, pebble. During the season there are many tourists, because this place is part of the guided tour.

Paphos beaches are not the best on the island, most of them with rocky entrance into the sea. Initially, the resort was not designed for a beach holiday, but a small number of sandy beaches, there are still here. The best is the one that is located in the bay of "Coral Bay".

Travel to Cyprus

Treatment in Cyprus

In recent years, Cyprus thalassotherapy develops rapidly, and in a number of five-star hotels in Limassol and Paphos open spa centers. Main program thalasso centers in hotels "anti-stress", the tone of recovery, treatment feet of gravity, weight control, for men and women programs for young mothers program "anti-cellulite", the beauty of the program, the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatism, etc...

The most complete service packages in hotels: Le Meridien SPA & Resort 5 *, Four Seasons 5 *, Amathus Beach 5 * in Limassol and 5 * Elysium in Paphos.

Anassa Hotel 5 * in Paphos offers a more unusual facial and body treatments such as seaweed wraps and mud baths, massages, reflexology, "Shiatsu" and aromatherapy. St. Raphael 5 *, 4 * Miramare is in Limassol, Adams Beach 5 * in Ayia Napa, Intercontinental Aphrodite Hills Resort 5 * and 5 * Annabelle in Paphos, a small but well-equipped wellness center with elements of thalassotherapy.

In the hotels and, accordingly, a spa center of Limassol have Russian speaking staff and book treatment programs where it makes sense to advance. Prices for identical services in the hotel's spa one category can vary significantly.

Diving in Cyprus

Diving in Cyprus is not as spectacular as in the Red Sea or the Caribbean, but also offers good opportunities for beginners and experienced divers. The flora and fauna of the Mediterranean do not have a particularly diverse, but there are a lot of sunken ships, caves and other interesting objects. The best dive sites are located around Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa.

Larnaca is one of the most interesting dive sites of the world - Swedish sunken ferry "Zenobia", crashed in 1980. None of the crew members was injured, only the steam and trucks, which lie on the seabed at a depth of about 40 m on. a depth of 33 m in the same edges resting cruiser HMS Cricket World war II, who went to the bottom in 1947. a little deeper - up to 50 m - is the rock in the form of a mushroom Mushrooms Rock, and 10 m deep - Octopus Reef, home to octopuses.

Sunken in waters near Larnaca Swedish "Zenobia" ferry is among the ten most interesting dive sites in the world.

In Paphos, divers will be interesting to see the Greek ship Achilleas, crashed in 1975 under mysterious circumstances (depth 12 m), and a unique natural monument, similar to the amphitheater (12 meters). A total of 5-10 m in these waters can be seen Amphorae Reef - sunken galleys with Greek amphoras and other ancient pottery.

In the waters near Limassol, too many ships at different depths, from 7 to 23 m. There are caves, similar to the ancient tombs, where you can watch the pretty fish dwell there (for example, Tombs then cave at a depth of 12 m).

In Ayia Napa has a very picturesque canyon (depth 25 m) with corals, caves and the remains of the ancient Phoenician wooden ships.

Dive centers are located throughout the island. Beginners will be offered first dive in the pool, and then released into the open water. Virtually every major dive center has a Russian-speaking instructors, so that problems with communication arise.

Novice divers are subject to mandatory training, which includes instruction, pool and open water dives to a depth not exceeding 10 m price of one dive -. From 50 EUR. The program involves the Open Water Diving course lasting 4-5 days, 5 dives in open water, and on the basis of a certificate issued by an international diver. Price - from 250 EUR.

What to bring

With Cyprus driven wines and liqueurs, sweet dessert wine "Commandaria" (or "Namasskoe wine"), which is better to buy in the monastery of Kykkos in the Troodos, lace and silver handicrafts, paintings, leather goods, expensive jewelry original design, coats. "Commandaria" is of several types, but the best is considered Commandaria St. John with a black label.

Popular souvenirs: statue of Aphrodite, models of ships and dolls in national costume.

Lovers of culinary delights can be brought from Cyprus goat "halloumi" cheese (convenient to carry), Cypriot sweets Turkish delight, halva, "sudzukos" - almond grain to grape molasses and so on.

From October to April, the shops are open from 8:00 to 18:00 (lunch break from 13:00 to 15:00) and on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the afternoon and closed at all. On Sundays stores are usually closed.

Cuisine and restaurants of Cyprus

The island is mostly Greek cuisine, characterized by its mainland embodiment in that it has more seafood. At the heart of Cypriot cuisine - meat, fish and vegetable dishes, and the main "culinary landmark" of the island is "meze": business lunch, including a 20-30 dishes. Submission "meze" begins with appetizers, salads and vegetables and ends meat and fish dishes, and in every tavern own menu. Another popular Cypriot dish - "sulvaki" - kebab wrapped in a pancake. It is traditionally served without sauce, so as not to interrupt the taste of meat. Also noteworthy "moussaka" - minced meat baked with vegetables and sour cream and whipped egg sauce, and "kupelkya" - stuffed grape leaves.

You should definitely try the Cypriot cheese "feta" and "halloumi", as well as green walnuts in syrup. Do not forget about the Cypriot wines, spirits and liqueurs, of which the island - in abundance. The most famous wine -. "Commandaria" It is kind of Cahors wine, and to purchase its best in Kykkos monastery in the Troodos Beer lovers can recommend the foamy drink two local brands -. "Keo" and "Carlsberg".

Those who love the stronger, will appreciate the grape moonshine "zivania", in which the alcohol content can reach and 80 °. However, you can bring home only memories of his tasting: Exports from Cyprus beverages with strength exceeding 50 ° is not allowed.

Inexpensive meal can be fast or "kebabnyh", of which the island is abundant. Lunch will cost an average of 5-8 EUR, excluding alcohol. Most popular places - traditional Cypriot tavernas. This small family restaurants, which are inherited from father to son, and the work there is usually the owner and his family. Menu is rarely extensive, but all the traditional local cuisine there usually is. Portions are large, you can safely order one for two, also in the taverns often treat or dessert liqueur. Lunch in a restaurant will cost 12-20 EUR with wine, dinner can be expensive.

In hotels and restaurants usually included in the expense of 10% service charge. So in Cyprus tipped optional, but change is always accepted with gratitude.

Classic restaurants on the island too, and the most interesting of them are located at the wineries. It offers Cypriot cuisine and local wines. The average bill will be more than in the taverns: from 25 EUR per person.

"Halloumi" - divinely delicious Cypriot cheese made from goat's milk, which everyone should try.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions

Cyprus - a relatively small island, but it miraculously fit a huge number of monuments of nature, culture, history and art of different eras. There are the ruins of the Stone Age settlements, temples, ancient Greece, the Roman theater, the ancient Byzantine monasteries, Venetian castles and Gothic cathedrals. And because of the compactness of the island, many of these attractions can be easily visited in a single trip.

Worth visiting Cyprus capital Nicosia, all major attractions which are assembled in the old quarter of the city. This Byzantine church and the church Hrisalinotissa Tripiotis the famous iconostasis, Archbishop's Palace, the Cathedral of St. John's Gate Famagusta and Venetian Walls.

On the Akamas Peninsula are the ruins of ancient cities and Morion Avagos, the monastery of Agios Georgios, and the territory situated to the south of the Gulf Lara Beach was chosen green and big-headed turtle. It is also worth to visit the Baths of Aphrodite, not far from the bay Laci. Amathus - one of the oldest cities in Cyprus, the ruins of which are located on the seashore 5 km east of Limassol. Modern archaeologists have found here a basilica of early Christian era, the sanctuary of Aphrodite, the ruins of the baths and water conduits system - of course, their time, as they say, is not spared, but even they appear that way.

Equally ancient Curio was one of the biggest island city-states. To this day there are preserved Roman baths and rich houses, Apollo Hilatskogo sanctuary, the ancient theater and many mosaics. Troodos Mountains - Nature Reserve and the ski resort. There are numerous churches and monasteries, some of them included in the UNESCO list of world cultural values ​​and are under state protection.

Cruises from Cyprus

Mini cruises from Cyprus - is an opportunity during a break on the island to go to Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Greece, Syria and Lebanon. For example, a two-day cruise to Egypt includes a trip for the whole day to Cairo (Cairo on a visit to the National Museum), and a tour of the Pyramids and papyrus factory on the second day.

During the cruise to Jerusalem and Bethlehem, tourists will see the Church of the Nativity and the Grotto, built over the birthplace of Jesus Christ. After lunch at a local restaurant, the tour continues in the Holy City of Jerusalem, a visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Golgotha ​​and the Wailing Wall.

The cost of a two-day cruise starts from EUR 300 per person, this amount is usually included transfers from the hotel to Limassol port and back, the necessary visas (not always), excursions with English speaking guide, full board, all entertainment aboard ships and accommodation in cabin of your choice categories.

10 things to do in Cyprus Take a dip in the bay of Petra tou Romiou, from where, according to legend, he emerged from the sea foam Aphrodite, and gain eternal youth and beauty. To go to a small winery for tasting "Commandaria" and other wines. Travel back to the Middle Ages in Kyrenia and visit the local shipwreck museum. Dine in an authentic Cypriot tavern and have a drink with the owner for a drink of liquor. Buy in the village of Lefkara embroidery tablecloth. All night dance until dawn at discos Ayia Napa. Climb the tower of the jealous Moor in Famagusta, where in the 12th century lived the alleged prototype of Othello, the governor of Cyprus, Christopher Moreau. Watch the flamingos on the salt lake near Aliki Larnaca. Ride a donkey named Hitler or Schumacher in the donkey farm "Dipotamos" in Ayia Napa. View from afar on the ghost town of Famagusta in Varos (you can go inside, but very expensive - a fine of 500 EUR).

Holidays & Events

In April, the country celebrate National Day Cyprus. In May and June, in the coastal cities celebrate "Kataklysmos" - water festival and the Flood, and held in Limassol Folk Dance Festival. In July and August there is the Festival of Ancient Greek Drama: presentation given in ancient amphitheater Kourion in Odeon Paphos, Larnaca and the fort on the Monastery Square in Ayia Napa. Early September overshadows its invigorating breath of popular Wine Festival in Limassol, dedicated to the god Dionysus wine.

Cyprus Hotels

There are hotels of all categories: from apartments to "fives", and even 2 * to be a decent level and with air conditioning (however, in the apartment air conditioning, as a rule, paid in addition). At the reception staff often speak in Russian.

Basically, the food in the hotel - breakfast. In 2 * - continental, and institutions 3-5 * - buffet. More and more hotels offer accommodation on half board with the possibility of choosing lunch or dinner. Many hotels 2-5 * switched on the system "all inclusive". Almost all of the island's hotels are located on the first line.

Animation, as such, no hotels, not including theme nights, children's animation and live music in the evenings in hotels 3-5 *.

Electricity: 240 V, 50 Hz. Three-phase sockets, adapters are needed. Most hotels have adapters are available at reception, leaving a deposit, or to buy it in the shop.

The higher category of the hotel, the more likely that it will have its own beach, and the farther it is from the city center, the greater its beach strip. Almost all of the island's hotels are located on the first line.

In the winter in Cyprus is not working all hotels - but those who are "in formation", offers an indoor swimming pools, gyms and tennis courts - as compensation for the summer beach fun.

You may also be interested in Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro. See also: The weather in Cyprus now, weather Cyprus in March. The most popular towns and resorts of the country: Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos.