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Beruvella Resort

Resort Beruvella (Beruwela) is located 56 km south of Colombo. Over the past few years there have been built new hotels and improved tourist area, which unfortunately suffered a lot during the 2004 tsunami. As regards the natural conditions, they are as they were, were excellent: the azure waters of the ocean, beautiful sandy beaches and palm trees.

This, first of all, sent tourists who purchase a full package, "savages", hippies and other "evil" here can not be found.

How to reach Beruvella

Resorts Beruvella Bentota and are on the w / d line Colombo - Matara, but at these stations the trains do not always stop. The best way to get from the resort to the capital or elsewhere - across town Aluthgama, which is exactly in the middle between Beruwela and Bentota.

In Aluthgama daily express trains stop 5-6 to Colombo (2nd / 3rd grade 64/32 LKR, 1,5-2 hours on the road) and a few compositions to Hikkaduwa (2nd / 3rd grade 35/23 LKR, the way 1 hour), Halle (2nd / 3rd grade 64/32 LKR, 1,5 hours in the way), Matara and Kandy (2nd / 3rd grade 170/90 LKR, 1, path 5-2 hours).

Prices are listed on page July 2016

In addition, here buses to Colombo (shuttle / air-conditioned 32/60 LKR, 1-1,5 hours) and Halle (shuttle / air-conditioned 32-60 LKR, 1,5 hours).


Beruvella main attraction - a pristine beaches, rest on that - a true delight. Cool off will be in the turquoise waters, diving at the ready, the benefit that admire in the coastal reefs have something: the remains of ancient ships, the pack of exotic fish, turtles and other inhabitants of the deep sea.

Here, the concentration of all kinds of water sports: diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, banana boating and scooters - Confifi Marina Center.

4 things you need to do to try Beruvella main national drink - arrack (coconut brew). Dive into the magical world of Ayurvedic medicine in a clinic or spas. Buy a factory in Meethiyagoda moonstone jewelry with these mystical stone, to show their quality, depending on the phases of the moon. Watch the turtle lives in a specialized nursery in Bentota.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions

Founded by Arab merchants, fanned by the warm monsoon town riddled with Muslim culture and tranquility of resort life leisurely. Heart of the city - the ancient mosque Masjid-ul-Abrar (Kechimalai) adjacent to the lighthouse, was built on the site of the first landing on the island of Arab conquerors and still attracts thousands of believers in religious festivals. Another reason to visit Sri Lanka resort - the tomb of Sheikh Asharenta - Muslim saint, whose tomb, according to legend, was nailed by waves about a thousand years ago to the shores of the humble town. In addition, Beruvella and still is the first Muslim school for girls.

Another place of pilgrimage is around Beruvella - an ancient temple Kande Viharaya, ie, "a temple on top of the mountain."

Yala National Park, which you can yank out Beruvella, is a journey through the wonderful protected sites, familiarity with rare animal habitats in the forests, where the most unexpected places there are the ruins of ancient Ruhuna already non-existent state. Guided tour - 100 USD, which includes a trip by jeep on the most popular routes of the reserve.

Visit Kandy - one of the most unusual and interesting places in Sri Lanka will last for two days, one of which is to honor the attention Spice Garden, Fragrant area in the world, then look in the botanical garden Paradeniya, perched on a hill. In Kandy you can see one of the main attractions - the Buddha temple. There is also a popular market and the Center for Arts and Crafts. The fare will be about 300 USD.

In the south-west of Sri Lanka island, near the town of Galle attracts with its unique forest coolness, managed to preserve the pristine pristine nature in their booths. Besides tourist feet, more people did not have time to influence the local beauty, so Sinharaja forest declared a biosphere reserve. Here you can easily meet with armadillos, monkeys, leopards, giant squirrel monkey and fioletovomordoy. The cost of a trip with transfer - 150 USD.

Sinharaja Forest

Symbolic place the four world religions - Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, a place that brings people together all over the world colorful legends born footprints on top of the mountain Sri Pada. Adam's Peak, according to the beliefs of some, became the mythical place where man first set foot on Earth. Climbing this mountain can be combined with a meeting dawn on top of it, that will leave in your memory unforgettable cascade of sensations. Fun Cost - 225 USD.

Another resort, which is a 5 minute drive - is Bentota, where tranquility and the opportunity to escape from the madding crowd on one of the endless pristine beaches in the shade of a coconut palm tree are available as never before. Also known Bentota ancient Buddhist temples of the 12th century Vanavasa Raja Vihara Vihara Galapata and that according to legend guarded underground tunnel leading to other Buddhist shrines unfound.

Where to stay: the newlyweds and loving couples - in Bentota, away from the savages and hippies - in Beruvella wishing to live close to the entertainment capital and at the same time in a quiet place - Mount Lavinia. Kalutara and Negombo to lovers of water sports, well, Colombo - those who can not imagine life without the metropolitan bustle. What to see: one of the oldest cities of the island of Ceylon Anuradhapura, "Lion's Rock 'Sigiriya, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy, cave monasteries Dambulla, Dutch fort of the 17th century in Galle, a city-museum of Polonnaruwa, and the mountain resort of Nuwara Eliya, also often referred to as "little England". Finally, it is worth to spend a couple of days in the vibrant and bustling capital of the country - the city of Colombo. You may also be interested in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, China, Japan. The most popular destinations and resorts of the country: Bentota, Galle, Negombo, Kandy, Colombo.