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Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa - one of the most popular and lively resorts in Cyprus with an amazing history. The name, which translates as "sacred forest", the city was named after the once found here shrines. Presumably in 7-8 centuries BC. e. in a cave in the middle of dense thickets hidden Byzantine iconoclasts from the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Even after hundreds of years of the icon found casual traveler, the news of this spread through the neighborhood, and the cave began to flock to the believers.

The icon and the area became known as "Panagia Napa" (Holy Mother of God of the forest), and eventually just Ayia Napa. Later, over the cave was built a chapel and then Temple. Today is the Monastery of Ayia Napa, preserved almost intact.

Tourist towns began in the 80's. He developed rapidly, attracting tourists with its paradisiacal beaches and water sports. Ayia Napa is ideal for outdoor activities. The city is famous and lively nightlife, it is even called "second Ibiza" because of the large number of bars, discos and clubs

It should be noted that even the Cypriots prefer to relax just in Ayia Napa.

How to get to Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa served by Larnaca Airport, it is located 35 km from the resort. This is the main air hub in Cyprus, daily receiving dozens of flights. From Russia to Larnaca flying "Aeroflot", "the S7 Airlines", "EyrBaltik", "EyrBerlin", "Emirates" and others.

Direct flight Moscow - Larnaca - Moscow costs 200 EUR, while on the road - about 4 hours. For a ticket to either side with departure from St. Petersburg you will pay about 280 EUR, in the way you will spend 15 hours. Prices are listed on the page March 2016

can be reached by bus, transportation costs EUR 7-10, stop from the airport to Ayia Napa - close to the entrance to the terminal. Their services offer tourists a taxi trip will cost 40-65 EUR. The road to the resort takes about 40 minutes to 1.5 hours.

In addition, all major cities of Cyprus to the Ayia Napa buses and taxis.


Public transport in Ayia Napa, including buses and taxis. They are relevant rather to travel around and travel to neighboring towns, because the resort itself is very small, and it is quite possible to explore during walking or cycling.

Buses depart from the central square, making stops at major attractions, and follow on - to the nearby villages and towns. The ticket price, depending on the distance - 2-10 EUR.

A trip around the city by taxi will cost at least of 5 EUR.

Very popular in Ayia Napa enjoys bikes, scooters, buggies and ATVs. Daily bicycle rental is 5-7 EUR, for the scooter will pay about 15 EUR, for a buggy or ATV - from 50 EUR.

Check with the rental boundaries within which you can move around - the city has a number of limitations. In Ayia Napa it is also forbidden to ride without a helmet (it must be in the rent), although local ignore this rule, at the risk of being fined.

Taxi or rental car there is a sense to use only if you decide to travel outside the city, because the plugs in most of Ayia Napa is usually the same length as the line for the free parking spaces.

Rent a car in Ayia Napa

If you plan to travel around the island by car, you can rent it directly at Larnaca airport. Hire offices there and in most of Ayia Napa, though there is a little higher price tag. Representation in Cyprus are international companies such as Avis, Herz, Sixt, Europcar, Budget. With regard to local organizations, tourists speak well of price and service in Privilege Rent a Car.

Rent a car of economy class will cost EUR 20-30 per day, a luxury Mercedes will cost 150-200 EUR.

Free parking in the city is enough, however, space is hard to find. Paid parking at the resort for cheap - from 0,5 EUR per hour. In 2015, the authorities of Ayia Napa announced August free parking near the beach. Traffic in the city is quite organized, but vacationers often complain about the traffic jams.

For more information on car rental in Ayia Napa, read here.

Beaches of Ayia Napa

Seeing the coast of Ayia Napa Blue Flags, rest assured - this quality mark awarded to only the most clean and safe swimming beaches.

There are also very beautiful - white and turquoise by day and dazzling orange sunset. And certainly the beaches of Ayia Napa are considered to be the best on the island in terms of entertainment - available to tourists diving, fishing, catamarans, surfing, jet skis, yachts, speed boat riding, and other pleasures of water recreation.

Almost all of the coastal part of the city is improved - shower, umbrellas, deckchairs, rescue stations, restaurants. Beaches in Ayia Napa and the sandy and flat, which makes them safe for children. On the coast it is quite noisy because of the numerous bars.

Beach number one in the resort - a "Nissi Beach" in the season is no room to swing fall. The party starts well before the sun goes down, and then did not subside 24 hours a day. In search of quieter holiday go to the beach "Lanta", "Gresian Bay", "Makronisos", but do not expect privacy - more or less quiet here in the afternoon, when the heat drives off holidaymakers from the coast.

Ayia Napa and Protaras

What to bring

In search of authentic souvenirs go to the nearby villages, where cherish the tradition of Cypriot folk crafts.

So, embroiderers of Lefkara will surprise you with more elaborate lace, by which, as legend has it, he could not pass by Leonardo da Vinci. Having bought the robe, the painter took them to Milan Cathedral. Lefkariyskoe lace will be expensive, but unique gift, nothing like you will not find in any other country of the world. Look in Lefkara and intricate silverware.

Almost every village in Cyprus have a pottery workshop, where you can buy souvenirs of clay - amphorae, coffee sets, pitchers, etc. His articles particularly famous village of Paralimni, located near Ayia Napa...

In Liopetri can buy baskets, woven from vines. Many centuries ago, in a basket of colored farmers drove to the market yield. Today, shopping cart can be a great part of the kitchen decor.

Cafes and restaurants of Ayia Napa

In Ayia Napa very much catering for every taste and pocket. It offers both international cuisine and traditional dishes.

Local cafes and snack bars is different in that almost all of them are focused on quick snacking, because life is in full swing at the resort - the tourists eating on the run, hurrying to the next party. Fast food is present even on the menu, but the service there, as usual, more solid.

This Cypriots can not be denied in the culinary prowess, even assembled in haste dish is fresh and delicious. Especially local institutions are proud of their dishes, based on fish and meat.

The average cost of a quick lunch in the tavern - 8-14 EUR, dinner with wine in a restaurant will cost EUR 20 and above.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions of Ayia Napa

The main historical attractions of the resort - it is referred to Ayia Napa Monastery, and the rock tombs Makronisos, located near the beach of the same name. This complex Greco-Roman period includes the ancient tombs, temples and quarries. Access to the tombs opened despite the fact that the excavations are still ongoing.

Cognitive leisure offers sea museum, which exposition includes unique items found at the bottom near the coast of Cyprus. Some of them are very old, they acquaint visitors with the history of shipbuilding and seafaring pre-Christian era.

In the area of ​​Cape Greco you can admire the stunning scenery. And in the eastern part is the National Forest Park "Cavo Greco." This is not just an ideal place for cycling and hiking, and you can have fun in the park. Among the fans of the extreme popularity of diving in caves, and the couple rush to "bridge lovers" because the photos taken on the arch, turn out quite unique.

Not far from Ayia Napa is the town of Famagusta, where vacationers go to look at the closed quarter Varosha. This "ghost town", named so with a light hand of the Swedish journalist, was once a popular tourist destination, and now it looks like the scenery to the post-apocalyptic movie.

Dance clubs and evening entertainment

By nightfall, the fun does not stop here, but rather gaining momentum, which is not surprising, because the Ayia Napa - is, above all, trendy youth resort.

The city has a Club Quarter, bars, pubs and disco area lined wall to wall - the music is booming here until morning.

Many tourists begin a night of fun with a visit to the Labyrinth fear Nightmare, located at the beginning of the "club" of the street. They say that the episodes of the famous thriller recreated here so believable that half the guests shout "nightmare" (password to exit), reaching even to the middle of the maze.

Calmer entertainment at night offers a cozy taverns and cafes scattered throughout the city. The price for a cocktail at the bar starts at 5-7 EUR. Some dancefloors charge an entrance fee - 10-17 EUR. Extras Active foam parties.

9 things you should do in Ayia Napa rejuvenate, after washing with water from the baths of Aphrodite. Arrange a stunning photo shoot on a background of a landscape that was once admired by the ancient Greeks. Go to the 50-meter bungee on the beach "Nissi Beach". Ride on the fastest on the Mediterranean high-speed boat "Screamer". Make a wish, tying the ribbon at the 600-year-old mulberry tree. Protusovatsya all night on the "Black Pearl" and the sunrise on the high seas. Sit astride a Josephine, Hercules or Rasputin on donkeys farm in Skarinou. Diving and try to find in the depths of the sea Ayia Napa sea monster. To love water sports and nakupatsya the whole year ahead.

Ayia Napa for children

Ayia Napa - great place for family holidays. Local beaches - flat and sandy - if specially created for children. It may seem that the city is too noisy, but peaceful rest here is quite real, if you carefully approach the selection of the hotel. Calmer just in terms of children's activities in April-May, when the amateurs get-togethers have not flocked to the coast.

Younger guests of the resort has always come to the delight of the largest water park on the island. By purchasing a ticket, you can spend all day in the complex - on its territory, in addition to steep slides and pools, there is a cafe and a gazebo for relaxing. The administration of the park regularly for kids holidays, updating the program every season. For a thorough approach to the organization of leisure of children and concern for their safety Park has been awarded numerous awards.

Children also will appreciate a wide choice of rides at an amusement park of Ayia Napa. On an area of ​​about 30 thousand sq. M. m is located roundabouts, trampolines, game machines, there is here and a swimming pool. For older visitors will make a lasting impression Catapult and Ferris wheel.


Ayia Napa - resort hot not only in terms of entertainment. The sun shines here 300 days a year, beach season begins in April and lasts until November. Most comfortable in the city in May as well as September and October, when it was / is still possible to swim. In the summer months in Ayia Napa is very sultry and lively.

In winter, the weather is nice in the resort, but do not have to bathe - the air and water are not sufficiently warmed up. However, even in this time of year it is dry, clear days, suitable for a sightseeing holiday.

Hotels in Ayia Napa

Prices for hotel services in Ayia Napa is slightly higher than in the neighboring resorts. However, the popularity of these costs are compensated by good service. Quality of service, in the opinion of tourists remained at a high level, even in hotels 2 *. Air conditioning, breakfast and internet guarantees every hotel. Upscale hotels are lured by the presence of their own beaches. This bonus in noisy Ayia Napa is especially important for families with children.

By the way, many hotels in the resort are positioning themselves as family, they provided children's table, swimming pool and a games room with a nanny and animators.

We recommend that you book your room as much as possible in a few weeks. The price of accommodation in Ayia Napa starts from 25-30 EUR per day. For accommodation in a 4 * hotel pay 65-80 EUR.

Where to stay: in a fun Limassol or never sleeping Ayia Napa, Larnaca budget or luxury Paphos, in the ultra-quiet Polis or Protaras family; as an option - in Northern Cyprus, Kyrenia or Famagusta. What to see: old Nicosia, the Troodos monasteries, or take a cruise to Jerusalem or Cairo, to visit Northern Cyprus - in the towns of Kyrenia and Famagusta. You may also be interested in Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro. See also: Cyprus in October, Cyprus Paphos, attractions. The most popular towns and resorts of the country: Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos.